Biogel nail extensions

nail extensions with biogel

Well-groomed hands with smooth healthy marigolds and impeccable manicure are the dream of any woman. Unfortunately, reality does not always allow us to preserve the beauty of our hands. Women work in industry, perform a variety of homework, drive cars and take care of suburban areas.

In recent years, there have been many ways to regain the lost beauty of nails. Today almost every woman has tried to increase nails with gel or acrylic. With all the merits of this method, it has some drawbacks. The application of drugs is accompanied by damage to the structure of the nail. After removing artificial nails, it takes time for your own nail to regain its former smoothness.

Advantages of biogel

Compared with other ways of building, the biogel is devoid of shortcomings. It can be used to build up nails to adjust their shape or strengthen. The main component of the biogel is the pitch of the tixel tree. Almost 60% of the biogel consists of a protein that helps strengthen and nourish the nail. This is a hypoallergenic non-toxic drug, which is increasingly preferred by women in European countries.

Before nail extensions with the help of biogel it is not necessary to carry out filing of the nail plate. In the light of the ultraviolet lamp, the biogel dries in a few minutes. To remove the drug, no aggressive chemicals are used - the biogel is softened by the action of a special solution and is removed without damaging the nail plate.

Unlike the build-up of gel or acrylic, nail extensions with biogel can be done many times in a row, without worsening the condition of the nail. Biogel is elastic, so the nails strengthened by it bend, and do not break.

Strengthening nails biogel

Biogel can be used by women who need to strengthen their nails after removing accrued nails from the gel or acrylic. The drug is suitable for women who do not want to increase their nails, but are forced to do this because of brittle or exfoliation.

When using biogel, the nails are strengthened, the nail plate and the skin adjacent to it are restored. Nails look natural, grow fast, do not break, remain flexible and even. It is possible to use only a colorless biogel or applying color gels over a colorless layer that looks like nail polish, but they are extremely stable. Such gels remain unchanged for several weeks, not fading and not wearing at the tips of the nails.


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