Biocoaming of hair


Chemical perm is produced with the help of chemicals. The most common of these is thioglycolic acid. It has a poisonous smell, causes redness and itching of the skin, spoils the hair color, fluffs hair.

To reduce the harmful effect of acid, firms add to their products components for hair care, reduce the dose of acid. There is alkaline chemistry. But it does not differ much from the usual.

But there is a way out. A biological wave was created. The means for such a curl do not contain any chemical ingredients in the active compound. Therefore, do not damage the hair and scalp. Hair remains shiny and healthy.

This method was developed in 1999. The composition of the agent included a component of cystine, a biological protein similar to that of a human hair. This contributes to the fact that the hair is filled with protein, strengthened, improve its structure. Bio-chewing on the average holds the same as the chemical. About 6 months. Hair color and structure are preserved. Therefore, the line of overgrown hair will not be clearly pronounced.

With the help of bioscrew hair, you can achieve both large elastic curls and small curls. It all depends on your desire and the size of the bobbin. In addition to ordinary curls, you can make a radical curl that will give the volume to straight hair. Biochemical is more sparing than chemical. Not so much dries and spoils the hair.

Before waving the hair must be prepared. First they are treated with a special agent that softens them. Additional ingredients used in the perm permute the hair a little. Allergic reactions to components are also possible.

The process of biocauping does not differ from chemical. First, they wind the bobbins long and apply the remedy. Within 40 minutes the product is absorbed under a special mask. Then the hair is untwisted and a special fixator is applied. The difference is only in the acid effect of the molecules used in the media. It is seen in the fact that the right biological wave does not have a harmful, drying effect. The product for bio-waving is created on the basis of keratin from sheep's wool, does not contain thioglycolic acid and ammonia.

Curls can be hair in any condition: natural, dyed, melted, discolored or damaged by chemical wave. The biocoal makes durable beautiful curls. They look free and natural. The structure of the hair does not change, it becomes lush, beautiful, soft.

Regular locks are required for locks. The use of nutritious masks and oils make the curls well-groomed, shiny and moisturized, apply a remedy for curls after washing your head. You can straighten your hair, stretching curls hair dryer. After the next wash of hair, the curls will return. If you want, you can dye your hair. Only it is better to do it 2 weeks after the wave.

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