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Body care

Essential oils for beauty and health: medicinal properties, catalog

Essential oils have powerful healing properties. Especially widely used in cosmetology, spa-procedures and medicine. This catalog contains useful properties of the most popular essential oils.

How to care for the breasts: massage, exercises, masks for elasticity and breast enlargement.

To give beauty and firmness of the breast, it is necessary to ensure her proper care. Care is needed for both the skin and the muscles. With simple house masks and massage, you can achieve incredible results, make your body younger and more attractive.

How to get rid of stretch marks on the body

Stretch marks in their structure resemble skin ruptures, or scars that occur with loss of elasticity and elasticity, with dry skin, lack of trace elements and nutrients. Most stretch marks are on the abdomen, thighs, chest, buttocks.

Home wraps for weight loss and anti-cellulite

With the procedure of wrapping, almost every girl who follows her figure is familiar. Wrapping is one of the most effective ways to say goodbye to extra pounds and remove the "orange peel" in problem areas. How to make a wrap at home?

How to get a beautiful tan body. Than sunburn is useful. Safe tan on the beach and in the solarium

Tanned skin looks more attractive, compared with pale. Fashionable chocolate or bronze tint is not so easy to get. Intensive tanning without preparation can spoil the skin. It is necessary to remember the safety rules so that the sun does not turn from a friend into our enemy ...

pedicure at home

Smooth heels without cracks at home. Perfect pedicure. Body care

Beautiful legs are the main attribute of a well-groomed woman. Rough skin on the heels, and even more so cracks on them make you hide your legs under closed shoes. Simple rules of home SPA pedicure are required to know every girl.

Epilation at home: looking for a better way

A beautiful smooth body is the guarantee of the confidence of a modern girl. Epilation today can be easy and painless, the main thing is to choose the suitable remedy for yourself.

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