Ginger from cellulite

The application of spices from the East of ginger helps to get rid of cellulite, as the processes of blood circulation and metabolism in problem areas intensify. At the same time ginger refreshes the skin, makes it smooth and supple.

Ginger has a mild warming property and gives the skin a pleasant aroma.

Ginger can be used as a mixture when performing massage from cellulite, body scrub, or as part of an anti-cellulite mask.

Below are a few recipes for the use of ginger in the treatment of cellulite.

Ginger massage

1) Grate the root of ginger on a grater, wrap in olive oil soaked gauze and grind the problem areas.

2) Mix 2-3 spoons of ginger powder with natural vegetable oil (sunflower, olive or peach) and use the mixture to massage the problem areas of the hips, abdomen and buttocks for 7-10 minutes. The appearance of a light burning sensation in the rubbed areas of the skin indicates that ginger has begun to act.

When severe burning occurs, it is necessary to wash off ginger and wash your hands well.

To achieve a healing effect, ginger massage should be done no more than once a week.

Ginger Body Scrub

To prepare the scrub, mix ginger powder with olive oil, add a handful of sea salt or coffee grounds and a few drops of citrus essential oil.

Cook the scrub on the problem areas of the skin and massage for 10 minutes.

Body Ginger Mask

Mix with ginger powder in equal amounts of a little clay and dilute with mineral water. Apply the mask to the problem areas of the skin, wrap the film and keep on the body for 10 to 30 minutes.

Fat-burning ginger beverage against cellulite

In order to combat cellulite in a complex way, it is necessary to follow a diet. Tasty drinks with ginger effectively help fight fat deposits and orange peel. For example, a tablespoon of ginger powder is brewed with 1.5 liters of boiling water and added to taste honey and lemon.

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