Stretch marks on the chest

stretch marks on chest Stretch marks on the chest can appear mainly after pregnancy and lactation, with a violation of the hormonal background. Many girls find stretch marks on their breasts after strict diets and rapid weight loss.

Treatment of stretch marks on the chest is a more laborious and lengthy process, compared to other parts of the body.

The first task is to restore elasticity to the skin, therefore it is necessary to begin treatment of stretch marks with daily massage, skin tightening and lifting. This will improve the blood circulation of damaged areas, increase the flow of oxygen and nutrients.

Breast massage from stretch marks

Breast massage should be done very delicately, without squeezing, in a circular motion clockwise. As an auxiliary massage tool, it is recommended to use vegetable oil (almond, palm, wheat germ, peach). Particular attention can be paid to cedar oil, this is a unique in its composition natural remedy, which copes with a lot of skin problems in a short time.

The cream of the mummy is able to smooth out the stretches and even remove them completely. To prepare the product at home, you need to dissolve 1-2 capsules of mummy in a tablespoon of cream (if instead of capsules you use tablets, dissolve them in a spoonful of hot water). Carefully apply the cream on the chest after a massage every day.

Restoring the skin's elasticity and healthy appearance will help proper nutrition, adequate fluid intake and biologically active food supplements.

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