Coloring hair - a fashionable touch!

coloring hair

Coloring (or American highlights) is very popular among women of fashion. This method differs unlimited color capabilities when creating a stylish hairstyle. Strands are painted in different tones, as a result, the hair is beautifully shimmered in different shades.

The most restrained coloring is dark, light and red, but they also make absolutely unimaginable inclusions of violet, blue, green - for the bravest, for lovers to distinguish themselves from the crowd, an excellent option for a club party. Masters-hairdressers today can make from any woman such extravagant person for a certain case for one evening. Such colors are achieved with a special gel, which is easily washed off the hair.

If the hair is light, then the dye is immediately applied to the selected strands. When coloring dark hair, strands are first clarified. The technique of coloring is similar to melioration on foil or using a cap.

Coloring of blond hair

Interesting and attractive looks coloring when in blonde hair "weaves" strands of three brown-red tones: "dogrose" - a light warm shade, a rich chocolate-brown and "red soil" - a natural color of red clay. The effect of naturalness is achieved with the help of coloring techniques. With this technique of staining, individual strands are wrapped in strips of foil.

Coloring red hair

Red hair can also be decorated with contrasting strands. "Copper", for example, is perfectly combined with "bright light blond" and "golden-coffee". The color effects of coloring thus give the red hair a flicker effect. Divided into strands of hair painted with a brush in different colors, wrapping in foil immediately after staining.

Coloring of dark hair

You can use a mixture of "cyclamen", "red coral" and "chili" in dark hair. Color glare of different colors, applied only to the ends of the hair, will be able to decorate any hairstyle. You can also use the principle of "pyramid", dividing the haircut into several large color zones.

Coloring hair with a color accent

To accent hair with a color choose two cold or two warm shades of different in tone. Strands are painted with a darker shade. The rest of the hair is stained with a mixture of selected shades of 1: 1. You can use foil, film or special paper to color the strands. Staining during coloring should be done accurately and accurately. Staining begins with the bangs, separating the wide strands through the gaps and staining them with a dark shade. Then strands of hair wrapped in foil or paper. 6-12 strands are colored at random throughout the head. The rest of the hair should be dyed with a mixture of shades of 1: 1. Then apply the dye to the roots of the wrapped strands. Withstand the composition on the hair for 30 minutes. Wash off, wash your hair with shampoo, apply balm.

Hair care after coloring

After coloring, the hair needs special delicate care. After each head wash rinse hair with special conditioners and balms. The air-conditioners of the company "Schwarzkopf", "Rocoror" proved to be very good. Effective conditioners with extracts of herbs, vitamins, extracts of seaweed.

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