How to choose the right hair color

How to choose the color of hair by the color of the exterior

Successfully matched hair color should emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes, refresh the complexion, muffle the small skin imperfections. The most reliable way to choose the right color is to determine your color pattern - autumn, winter, spring, summer. For each color type, you can recommend your color palette.


Spring is a warm color. A woman of the spring type produces a feeling of tenderness, there are no sharp contrasts in her appearance.

Skin: transparent, thin, with a warm tint, color - light, slightly golden. If there are freckles, then they are also light golden. On cheeks often there is a milky pink flush. The brownie tans the skin well. Sunburn has a golden-peach hue.

Hair is often slightly curly, they are thin and fluffy. Color - light, with a warm hue, honey, amber, fawn, red, light blond with a golden hue. A rarer spring type - brown-haired women with golden shine on their hair.

Eye color: Eyes are usually light - blue, green, emerald, turquoise, sometimes - nutty.

Features: the spring color type does not have dark brown eyes, a saturated chocolate tan, closely located sugars, black hair.

  • Tsvetotip "Spring": variants of contrasts - soft, light, warm "Spring"
  • how to choose hair color by color Suitable hair color for spring type: For light spring type, you can recommend tender golden hues from the color of sandalwood to honey.

    The ideal hairstyle is feminine, but not too romantic: soft waves, a page or a short haircut, and it should not look too sporty. There is a clarification of individual locks. Sedina can be hidden with light paint, or constantly dyeing your hair in a warm grayish shade.

    For a darker, more contrasting girl of "spring", you can advise shades of light chestnut, caramel, nut. The shade of mahogany will give your image a note of energy, extravagance.


    Summer is a cold color. The main characteristics of the summer type: ashy, cool bluish shades. Summer is contrast, non-contrast, medium.

    Skin: the summer type can have a skin of different shades, but they always have a cold bluish subcutaneous light. If there are freckles, then they are gray-brown in color. Sunburn is taken well, even the brightest skin in the sun acquires an even nutty shade (the so-called "steppe" tan). Blush - pink or red, due to the fact that the vessels are closely located, redness on the skin is often visible.

    Hair color has a cold ash-gray, no yellowness. The color varies from light straw to dark brown with a brown tint. Hair sometimes burns in the sun and acquires a cognac shade that can be confused with warm. The structure of the hair is straight or curly. Often split.

    Eye color - the whole palette of gray shades - gray-blue, watery-blue, gray-green, gray-olive, and also walnut-brown. The proteins of the eyes are milky, do not contrast with the iris.

    The contrast level is determined by the difference between skin color and hair color. The more light skin and dark hair, the higher the contrast. And vice versa.

  • Tsvetotip "Summer": variants of contrasts - soft, bright, cool "Summer"
  • Summer can not have red, black, copper hair, as well as snow-white skin.

    how to choose hair color by color

    Hair color for the "Summer" color type: a palette of suitable shades

    Suitable hair color: For light summer types, choose shades of wheat color, which gives refreshing light reflections.

    For dark summer types, a "black tulip" shade will do. It gives a typical summer ash-brown piquant reddish gleams.


    Autumn is also a warm color, but it differs from spring with more vivid colors.

    The skin has warm golden hues, if there are freckles - then a rusty color. Unlike in spring, the autumn type has no blush, the complexion is smooth. Skin badly tans, prone to burns, under the influence of the sun, the skin becomes red and inflamed.

    Hair of a red color, or with a clear red tint. Hair is often curly, with large curls, elastic, shiny, thick.

    The eyes are very bright and contrasting. Eye color: green, amber-brown, cognac-brown, amber-olive.

    Features: in the autumn type there are no blue eyes, brown-ashy hair, black hair.

    Color of hair for the color type "Autumn": a palette of suitable shades

    What color will suit you: red, fiery-copper, chestnut, dark brown.

    For light autumn types a shade of sandalwood will suit.

    For darker hair or for a more intense red tone, shades of "autumn foliage" or "evening dawn" will do. By the autumn scale, we can include cooler shades, such as "hawthorn" and "mahogany".


    Winter is a cold color. This color type can be confused with summer or autumn. Can be contrast and non-contrast. The main differences are milky-white skin with a bluish tint. Skin badly tans, on cheeks can be a blush. Hair is usually dark. Eyes bright, cold shades of blue, gray and brown or black.

    Celebrity photos with the "Winter" color

    Contrasting winter:

    hair: black, often straight and thick, sometimes curly
    leather: very light, white, porcelain, pinkish with a blue tint,
    eyes: icy blue, gray, dark brown

    A non-contrast winter:

    hair: softer than contrasting, can have a cold chocolate-cognac shade
    skin: olive-gray, dark, sometimes with a yellowish glint, it tans well.
    eyes: olive-gray, brown, quark green

    Hair color for the "Winter" color type: a palette of suitable shades

    What color will suit you. For this type, sharp hues with a cool bluish glint fit.

    To give brightness to the color of light winter type hair, try the "ebony" shade.

    Shades of "black tulip" or "forest beech" will give a reddish tone to dark winter hair types. Red shades you should not use.

    The palette for make-up of the color type "Winter"

    Color in clothes and style for the color-type "Winter"

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