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The most popular diet for weight loss

diet how to lose weight Attention!

Unintended use of any of the diets can cost you a long treatment from the diseases resulting from its use, do not risk your health, and always consult a dietician or your doctor.

Products that burn fat

Some products can accelerate the metabolism in the body, which contributes to the burning of calories and the breakdown of fats. We offer a full list of products that can make your waist slender without complex diets.

Kefir diet

The fact that kefir diet really helps to lose weight without hunger strikes and torment is a recognized fact. Let's and we will understand all the subtleties of the kefir diet and try not only to lose weight with kefir, but at the same time and improve the whole body.

Japanese diet

This is a miracle of the Japanese clinic yaeks. The miracle is that within 13 days the body goes to great speed work. For a short period of time, the diet regulates the metabolism in the body, rebuilds it to a different rhythm of work. Creators guarantee a similar result for at least 2-3 years.

Diet on green tea

Green tea perfectly quenches thirst, it acts as a tonic for the whole body, helps the body remove toxins and toxins, improves blood quality and heart function. Green tea cleanses the blood vessels and removes cholesterol from the body and helps to lose weight.

Cucumber diet

In a hot summer season, a large number of fresh vegetables ripen in the beds, a worthy place among which is occupied by cucumbers. These small green fruits represent a real storehouse of substances useful to the health of the body, vegetable fiber and water.

Buckwheat diet

Buckwheat groats from infancy are one of the components of the diet of any person, therefore, it is best absorbed. In addition, buckwheat contains a large number of vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Diet "6 petals"

The effectiveness of the "6 petals" diet is quite high. With all the rules, you can successfully drop up to 0.8 kg of your weight per day. The process of losing weight turns into an easy and exciting game.

Lemon diet: lose weight with health benefits

Lemon is a rich source of vitamins, which are especially needed for our body in winter. Scientists have proved that citric acid is able to bind and neutralize fats, contributes to the loss of excess kilograms, so the lemon diet has become one of the most popular among many women.

Diet by the type of the figure "Apple"

If your figure is folded in such a way that the fat is mostly deposited on the abdomen and chest, and the arms and legs remain relatively thin, you are an "apple". The basic rule for your type of figure is to reduce the amount of carbohydrates that increase the level of insulin in the body.

Diet by the type of the figure "Pear"

If you have narrow shoulders and wide hips, then most likely, your figure refers to this type. The problem areas of the figure are the pear - hips, hips and buttocks. It is here that persistent fat is usually deposited.

Protein diet

This diet will allow you to lose two to three weeks to eight kilograms. But keep in mind that if after that you start eating as before, and especially use sugar, salt, alcohol, flour and confectionery in large doses, you will gain the former weight very quickly.

Ginger for weight loss: drink recipes

Ginger has a lot of useful properties, including not only stimulation of metabolism, but also general strengthening of immunity, toning, elimination of toxins, lowering the level of "bad" cholesterol, improving oxygen supply to the brain and much more.


This is a very effective diet, giving a great weight loss, almost to 400g. in a day.

Day 1 - 1 liter of milk.

The second day is 200g. cottage cheese and 800ml of juice without sugar, except grape and banana.

Day 3 - 1 liter of mineral water without gas.

Day 4 - 4 potatoes brewed in "uniform" without salt, and 800ml of juice without sugar, except grape and banana.

5th day - 5 apples.

The 6th day is 200g. boiled without salt lean meat and 800ml juice without sugar, except grape and banana.

The 7th day is 1 liter of kefir.


This diet is classified as phantom. A ghost diet that wanders from hand to hand in self-made copies. Everyone knows about it, everyone recognizes it as harmful, but no one has seen it. Or saw in an incomplete or distorted version.

As it is already clear from the title, to sit on this diet, one must count glasses. In general, there is not much difference what counts - calories or glasses. The basis of this diet is the protein principle. When the printout of the point system, in time immemorial, fell into my hands, at the very beginning it was reported that this diet is designed for retired US Army officers so that they do not get fat.

This diet can really be dangerous. Let's say a sausage or an egg "stands" 1 point. But this does not mean that you need to eat 40 sausages a day ... Simply put, you should approach it carefully, with knowledge of the basic principles of proper nutrition.


boiled fish or beef, 100 gr. - glasses 0

milk, kefir 0,5l. - Goggles 10

fried fish, meat, 100 gr. - Glasses 5

cottage cheese, cheese, yogurt - 100 gr. - Glasses 5

cutlet, fried pork, 100 gr. - Goggles 7

sour cream, cream, mayonnaise, fat - 1 tbsp. l. - Goggles 3

boiled sausage - glasses 1

ketchup, 1 tbsp. l. - Goggles 1

boiled egg - glasses 1

1 fruit (about 100 gr.) - glasses 5

smoked or salted meat, sausage - 1 piece. - Goggles 6

1 orange - glasses 2

fried eggs 2 eggs - glasses 7

1 serving of fruit salad - glasses 11

portion of salad from raw vegetables without dressing - glasses 5

1 serving of muesli - glasses 5

portion of boiled or stewed vegetables - glasses 10

1 serving of cake, about 100 gr. - Glasses 25

beans, potatoes, porridge - 1 plate - glasses 20

1 patty - glasses 19

pasta - 1 plate - glasses 25

cookies, pancake, candy, chocolate - 1 pc. - Goggles 9

fried potatoes - 1 plate - glasses 25

1 teaspoon sugar - glasses - glasses 12

Vegetarian soup, 1 serving - glasses 8

jam, jam, honey 1 tbsp. l. - Goggles 4

pea soup, 1 serving - glasses 35

juice, cocktail, wine 1 glass - glasses 10

vegetable soup with meat, 1 serving - glasses 16

gin, cognac, liqueur 50 gr. - Glasses 13

roll 100 gr. - Sunglasses 28

tomato juice 1 liter - glasses 8

1 slice of bread - glasses 3

tea, coffee, mineral water 1 glass - glasses 0

If you consume 40 glasses a day, you lose weight.

If more than 60 - get fat.

60 points - the maximum daily amount for an adult male athlete.

It's pretty hard not to go beyond 40 points.

Do not sit on this diet for longer than two months. During this time, if you maintain a diet properly, you will be able to deal with most of your extra pounds, and then - the way to sports. The way to create a form, to achieve grace and plastics - that is, a close engagement in the sculpture of the body. This is not a rough job, as weight loss. This is art.

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