The elongated face. Hairstyles, hair bangs for an elongated face

To your style was harmonious, you need to choose the right hairstyle, makeup, eyebrow shape, eyeglass frames and accessories. In this article, we will help you choose the perfect style for women with an elongated (rectangular) face shape.

How to identify an elongated face:

- High forehead, elongated rounded chin.

- The forehead, cheekbones and chin have the same width.

- Circle the reflection of your face in the mirror (for example, lipstick). Measure the length of the face from the base of hair growth to the chin. Measure the width in the area of ​​the cheekbones. Divide the length by width, if the result is 1.5 or more, then you have an elongated type of face.

Who is the celebrity long face: Sarah Jessica Parker, Gwyneth Paltrow, Keith Blanchett, Kate Winslet.

Haircuts for an elongated face

Even the most fashionable haircut can spoil the appearance, if selected without regard to the shape of the face. For an elongated face, use the following hair style selection rules:

The length of your hairstyle should be short or medium. It is better to give up long straight hair below the shoulders, they will stretch your face even more.

hairstyle for an elongated face

  • Optimal haircut - a bean or square with curled tips, framing the chin. You can make a bean behind a little shorter, so that the hair look more original.

  • Choose hairstyles and haircuts that visually enlarge the cheekbones. The hairstyle should cover the ears and frame the face with curls. At the level of the ears and on the occipital part, the hairdo should be more voluminous.

  • You look beautiful soft ringlets.

    hairstyle for an elongated face

    Stripe for an elongated face

    1) A straight long bangs to the eyebrows will visually reduce the length of the face

    2) If the face is too narrow - make a wide blank fringe, almost to the line of the ears - this will increase the face width

    3) Smooth the relief of the face and give femininity help the bangs for an elongated face, laid in waves

    4) Asymmetric multilayer bangs help to hide a long face. You can partially cover your forehead with a large strand of hair, combed to one side.

    5) Take on arms also asymmetrical hairstyles with sufficient volume on the temples.

    What should I avoid in a hairstyle with an elongated face:

  • Very short haircuts
  • Central Procurement
  • If the hair is below the shoulders, do not cut the hair under one length. Straight lines need to be mitigated by cascading hairstyles.
  • Do not open your forehead, either. to strengthen the hairstyle impression of elongation of the face.
  • it is recommended to avoid high hairstyles and smoothly combed hair on the temples.

    How to choose glasses for an elongated face

    glasses for an elongated face You can wear a round or square rim shape. The frame should be thick. If the glasses cover the central part of the face, it will appear less elongated.

    What hats do you go to

    Do not wear hats with a large high top, otherwise you will extend your face even more. You will be approached with hats with wide or raised fields.

    Choose earrings for an elongated face

    The longer the earring you wear, the more elongated your face looks. Hence the conclusion: give preference to wide earrings. Do not wear earrings below the chin.

    You can choose round, square or other earrings of approximately the same shape. Earrings in the form of small rings will look good on you. More information about the selection of earrings read here .

    Eyebrow shape for an elongated face

    To give the elongated person more correct proportions, he needs to add horizontal lines. Therefore, the shape of the eyebrows should be shaped as a long straight line. Avoid the arcuate shape of the eyebrows - it extends the face.

    The thickness of the eyebrows should be natural, this will give harmony to your image. To give the eyebrows expressiveness, make them wider at the base, gradually tapering to the tips.

    Tips for applying makeup for an elongated face

    If you want to visually expand the face and make it less elongated, the following tips for correcting the face oval with the help of makeup will help you.

  • Blush should be applied to the cheekbones towards the ears. The horizontal line of blush extends the face.
  • A game of color. Dark color reduces volume, and light color - on the contrary, increases. Use this rule when applying a make-up base . Apply a darker base at the base of the hair growth, on the chin and under the cheekbones - so you will achieve a more ideal face shape.
  • As for the make-up of the eyes and lips, you need to decide what you want to emphasize. Here everything depends on their shape and size.

    Your goal in make-up: visually expand the face and make it less elongated.

    Using our tips, you can create an ideal, harmonious image that will be your main key to success.

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