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Greek hairstyle with bandage

Greek hair looks chic in any situation. They are suitable for women of any age and favorably emphasize the oval face. Such a hairstyle is not difficult to do at home, it's only necessary to practice a little.

How to make a Greek hairstyle with a bandage: photo

home hairstyles for long hair Fashionable hairstyles: for every day.

A fashionable hairstyle for each day should not so much be in the fashion theme, how much to emphasize the beauty of a woman, to be comfortable in everyday life and work. For example, divide the hair into a straight part, moisten with liquid for styling and tightly comb from the sides. Behind the ears, the hair should be fastened with elastic bands of the tail and wrapped with one twisted strand, the end of which can be fixed under the elastic band. And comfortable, and very feminine.

home hairstyles for long hair Fashionable hairstyles: Romance.

Romantic style will never go out of fashion, because it is he who embodies youth, new vivid feelings and true love, when the heart is ready to jump out of the chest. If you love or are ready for love, make "Romance" so: you need to twist the hair with a light forehead and fasten it. Lateral locks of locks up, twist and fix. Hair with a neck wrap with a bow and easy to pin.

home hairstyles for long hair Trendy hairstyles in youth style. Teenager.

Fashionable hairstyles in a teenage teenager, on the one hand, emphasize the girl's belonging to the free youth subculture, on the other, they must declare her femininity and tenderness. If you want to play mood or break away at a party, this hairstyle is for you. On the vertex, divide the hair into strands, each twist with a weak knot and fasten. Spread the tips from above and scratch them.

hairstyle for long hair Fashionable hairstyles for the celebration.

how to turn from a cheerful mischievous girl into a socialite, become the most stylish and desirable? Highlight the eyes, emphasize the lips with a gentle pink shine and make a fashionable hairstyle. So, the hair is divided into an oblique parting and smooth combing with a modeling gel. On the back of the neck and from the sides slightly move his hands to his ears. The ends of the hair wind on the finger and fasten the entire length of the clamps. Evenly distribute and fix varnish.

hairstyle for long hair Fashionable hairstyle Sweet Shepherdess.

If you are going to spend the weekend outside the city, why not try the image of Dear Shepherdess, show your naturalness, sweet modesty, elegance. Hairstyle: to conduct parting in a zigzag (smooth hair to comb, a thin comb to draw a curve and accurately divide). The hair on the right and left is tied in tails. Each tail is divided into three parts, each of which is tightly twisted with a tourniquet and all three bundles together fixed.


hairstyle for curly hair Fashionable hairstyle for every day.

Curly hair always gives the fair sex elegance and femininity. For every day for hairdos, larger curls are better. For example, your hair will be on your shoulders with a soft mane, if you wind it on large curlers. The main thing is that the waves do not look artificially, it will spoil the entire image. If you want, you can slightly highlight the gel a few strands in front and the bangs.

hairstyle for curly hair Fashionable hairstyles: business style.

To make mischievous curly hair a business shape is quite difficult, and it will be right if you take your hair back, revealing your face as much as possible. If you want a fashionable hairstyle in a business style, you need to remove the side hair pieces back (you can twist it with a non-tangle bundle) and fasten it to the back of the head, leaving a couple of strands of hair above your ears. Will be beautiful, and strict, and stylish.

hairstyle for curly hair Fashionable hairstyles: a fun party.

On the contrary, if there is a gay party ahead of you, where you intend to "shake your curls", you have to create a fashionable hairstyle, pull all your curls to the fore. Just do not cover your face, let your hair do not hide your eyes. For the hairstyle in the photo, you need to divide the hair into an oblique parting. Twist the strands on a curling robe and distribute them with curls. The bangs are smoothly combed on one side and secured with a clamp.

hairstyle for curly hair In the marine style.

Sea style today is extremely popular, but if the sea is not around, is it worth it to despond? We put on a striped T-shirt or batnik, loose trousers, a sports-style watch, and, of course, we attach hair at the top - and suddenly there is a strong salty wind ahead. It's just that you need to lift your hair and collect it not in a very tight tail. Divide into several strands, each knot and fasten. Fix the tips with a modeling gel.

hairstyle for curly hair Fashionable Hairstyles: Romantic Date

Fashionable hairstyles for a romantic date are great, it all depends on what kind of image you want to present to Him. Here is perhaps the most gentle and touching option: hair blow dry with a hairdryer, leveling with a round comb. Hair must be separated from the forehead and tied tightly in the tail. One strand braid in a pigtail or a tourniquet and wrap the tail. Leave a pair of strands on the side. And remember that the romantic image needs only a gentle unobtrusive make-up with an emphasis on the eyes, and not on the lips.

Source: "www.arabio.ru"

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