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Types of modern hair removal

EPILATION is the most modern and effective way of hair removal. It is based on the destruction of the hair bulb. Epilation can be of several types: electroepilation, light hair removal, which is divided into laser and photoepilation.


Waxing (waxing)

Waxing is a wax epilation or bioepilation. This method of epilation is the most ancient in the history of mankind. Even the Egyptian Queen Nefertiti used it.

mechanical depilation

Mechanical depilation: a depilator or tweezers?

Mechanical depilation is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to remove excess vegetation on the body. As tools, tweezers, a mechanical epilator or a special depilatory machine are used. The drawbacks of this method include his soreness and the appearance of irritations at the site of the removed hairs, which makes it impossible to apply it to all parts of the body.

Laser epilation: advantages and disadvantages

The way to remove hair with a laser guarantees getting rid of hair for a long time. This procedure is carried out only in salons by qualified cosmetologists. In the process of laser exposure, germ cells are destroyed that give life to new hairs: in photothermolysis, this is done by a laser beam, in the course of electrolysis, by a needle through which a current is passed.

Epilation of the bikini area

Epilation of the bikini zone: women's secrets

Epilation of the bikini zone is a very delicate procedure, since this zone is characterized by a thin and sensitive layer of skin with a large number of nerve endings, which makes any interference extremely painful. For the procedure it is desirable to resort to the help of specialists in the beauty salon. When exercising it on your own at home, you should take great care.

Epilation forever - how is this possible?

Far from each of the existing methods of epilation allows for a long time to ensure the ideal smoothness of the legs. However, a modern woman wants to always look irresistible, and this requires a constant expenditure of time, which sometimes is not enough. Consider the most popular methods that allow you to epilate for up to several years, their possible advantages and disadvantages.

Chemical depilation with cream. How to choose the right remedy

Chemical depilation is made with the help of special creams and is called - depilation with creams. The composition of the cream used includes a thioglycolic salt of sodium or potassium. Thanks to this substance, the connection between the keratin fibrils of the hair breaks down and it dies.

Enzyme hair removal: removal of hairs without pain!

The most modern and advanced method of epilation is enzyme hair removal. This very effective procedure is carried out together with wax epilation and allows you to cope with undesirable vegetation on the body in just one short session.

Sugar epilation: the experience of ancient beauties

Sugar removal has long been known as one of the most effective ways to remove hair on the body. It is perfect for owners of tender and sensitive skin, prone to irritation. Moreover, it is not difficult to carry out sugar epilation at home.

Armpit epilation: looking for the best way

Hair removal in the armpit area is very difficult due to uneven relief and delicate sensitive skin. In addition, the vegetation in this place is usually stiff and very strong, which, when removed, can lead to severe irritations on the skin. Therefore, it is extremely important to make the right choice of the method of epilation of the armpits.

Epilation at home. Popular ways

Perfectly smooth legs can be obtained not only by resorting to cutting-edge methods of hair removal and the help of expensive beauty salons. This task is quite possible to perform independently at home, and cheap and very effective. Let us cite several such methods.

Quantum hair removal: is it worth it to try?

One of the most advanced methods of epilation, which is gaining increasing popularity recently is the quantum epilation. Consider the essence of this magic method and its main advantages and disadvantages.

Skin care after epilation

The procedure of hair removal injures the upper layers of the skin. After the majority of such interventions on the surface of the skin there are irritations that can lead, for example, to the development of inflammatory processes. In order to avoid such undesirable consequences after the skin after epilation, competent care is needed.

Removal of hair folk remedies

People's funds seem to find a way out of any situation. Even hair removal can be done forever with the help of old broths. In the absence of a nearby modern cosmetology salon, it is reasonable to recall how our grandmothers sought the smoothness of the skin.

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