Epilation of a bikini

Epilation of the bikini area

Epilation of the bikini zone requires a special approach. There is a huge number of nerve endings that cause unbearable pain during epilation. In addition, the bikini area is very delicate and sensitive skin, which does not allow you to use the usual methods of hair removal.

There are many ways of epilation of the bikini zone. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. You can entrust this procedure to specialists in the salon who, with the help of special apparatuses, will perform epilation of bikini without pain and for a long time. However, many women prefer to do intimate hair removal at home. For them, our next advice.

Epilation of the bikini zone at home

One of the reliable and safe methods of epilation of the bikini zone is hair removal using depilatory machines . The electro-epilator helps to get rid of unnecessary hairs for almost a month. A significant disadvantage of this method is severe pain. Therefore, women with very stiff, thick hairs can not use the epilator. If this method suits you, use small tricks. To reduce the pain, before the procedure, rinse the skin, then make the epilation of the bikini, while pulling the hairs against the growth of the hair, slightly pulling the skin. It is best to use a depilator that can work in water. Water relaxes the skin and nerve endings, so pain during epilation decreases several times. Hairs that are not captured by the machine can be pulled out with tweezers. After the procedure, disinfect the skin and do not wear dense underwear for an hour.

In some women, when using a depilator in the bikini area, the problem of ingrown hair appears. However, this can be avoided if you follow simple rules for the prevention of ingrown hairs .

Laser epilation of the bikini zone is the most painless way of epilation from all known. During the procedure, you feel only a slight tingling. The result of laser hair removal is maintained for a very long time, and after several procedures you can achieve epilation forever . Laser hair removal is now available at home due to the appearance of portable laser epilators on the market. The minus of this method is only one - the high price of the device.

Epilation of the bikini zone can be done with the help of the usual waxing . Waxing is depilation with the help of wax, which can be cold, warm or hot. For the bikini zone, hot wax is better suited, since high temperature opens the pores of the skin, facilitates pulling of the hair, reduces pain. Wax is heated and applied to the skin. After a couple of minutes, the slightly cooled wax bands are sharply torn off the skin, holding it with the pads of the fingers. The effect of waxing lasts about a month. Just remember that for this procedure you need some skill. On the delicate skin in the bikini area with inept use of wax, bruises and blood grooves may appear. Remains of wax are conveniently removed from the skin with a cotton swab with vegetable oil.

Sugar epilation bikini

The method of hair removal shugaring (epilation with the help of frozen sugar), women, perhaps, choose in most cases for epilation of the bikini zone. Sugar epilation bikini is a very old, reliable and affordable way, which has many advantages. It is suitable for women with sensitive skin and with any type of hair stiffness. Sugar has an antimicrobial property, it is hypoallergenic, so it does not cause inflammation and irritation on the skin. In the sugar mass it is recommended to add lemon juice, honey, tincture of chamomile and walnut. These components disinfect the skin, and the walnut destroys the hair bulb, slows the growth of hair, prevents their ingrowth.

Depilation of bikini at home

If you can not tolerate pain at all, you can get rid of boring hairs by depilation - when the hair is removed not from the root, but only the protruding part of them from the surface of the skin. The effect of depilation does not last long - from several days to a week, then it is necessary to repeat the procedure again and again. There are several ways of depilation.

Mechanical depilation . For mechanical depilation, you will need an ordinary shaving machine. After you have prepared and disinfected the skin, shave the hairs in the direction of their growth. Then apply special means to the skin after depilation. The minus of mechanical depilation is that after a few days spiny hairs grow and the procedure must be repeated.

Chemical depilation . With chemical depilation, hair is removed with a special cream for chemical depilation. The chemical composition of the cream destroys the hair almost to the root, so after depilation cream on the skin does not show black dots from the hair, and the result lasts about a week. To make depilation of the bikini zone with cream, apply depilatory cream to the skin and leave for the time specified in the instructions. The cream is removed with a special scapula along with the hair that has fallen off.

The chemical method of depilation of a zone of bikini to you will not approach, if at you very sensitive skin, or on it there are inflammations, irritations or small cuts.

Chemical discoloration . Some women prefer to discolour hair in the bikini area with hydrogen peroxide. Hair becomes brittle, gun, then drained and fall off.

To do chemical depilation of the bikini zone, a clarifier is applied to the skin, after a certain time, it is washed off. The hairs become discolored and become very thin. To completely destroy the hairs, it is necessary to wipe from during the day with a solution of hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. Soon they will disappear completely.

Modern cosmetology allows any woman to choose a suitable method of epilation. For its beauty, do not be sorry and sacrifice!

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