Facial care: cosmetology

facial treatment

Skin Care. Types of skin. Care for oily, dry, problem skin

For proper skin care, you need to determine its type and characteristics. Cosmetologists distinguish four types of facial skin: normal dry, oily and combination.

Face peeling. Types and methods of peeling

The need for peeling of the face is caused by problems such as acne, pimples, pigment spots. Each lady has the right to choose a suitable type of peeling based on personal preferences, financial possibilities, features and type of skin, age.

Home face masks. Recipes for every skin type

Home face masks have been known for a long time as an excellent nourishing and rejuvenating remedy for the skin, which helps maintain its natural beauty and shine and preserve its freshness and healthy complexion for a long time. The secret of the effectiveness of masks is, first of all, in the naturalness of the components.

Moles. Kinds of moles and their meaning

Most species of moles that occur on the human body do not pose any danger to life and health. Some of them can serve even as a certain decoration. Anxiety should be beaten only if the mole changes its color and increases in size.

acne, acne

Acne, acne: effective treatments

The problem of treating acne is a complex approach. It is important to choose the right medicines, to comply with the diet, to implement the necessary rules of hygiene. Effective methods of acne treatment are offered by modern medical centers and beauty salons.

skin around the eyes

Caring for the skin around the eyes

Learning to create an unforgettable expressiveness of the eye is quite a challenge. Its successful solution largely depends on the state of the skin around the eyes, which in this place is thin and sensitive and needs proper care.

wrestle with wrinkles

We wrestle with wrinkles

Often wrinkles on the face appear even at a fairly young age and cause us some discomfort. What to do to ensure that the skin up to old age kept a fresh, young and healthy appearance?

Beautiful tanning rules

A good rest and get a beautiful chocolate tan - these are the ingredients of a successful summer vacation. However, sunburn does not always lie on the body perfectly, and it lasts a short time. Meanwhile, to get a great result, it's not necessary to be under the sun for a long time. It is enough only to observe certain rules.

Fluffy cilia: home recipes for the growth and strengthening of eyelashes

Beautiful lush lashes make the look fascinating and unforgettable. To ensure that your cilia always look perfect, you need to provide them with proper care, which consists in the right choice of cosmetics and oils for their strengthening and growth.

Care for the eyebrows at home. How to choose the shape and color of the eyebrows

Beautiful eyebrows of the right form can transform the appearance of any woman. They give the eyes expressiveness and even visually correct not the most successful features of nature. Therefore, if you want to always look irresistible, then do not forget to look after your eyebrows.

Lip Care in Summer and Winter

Well-groomed lips are the decoration of the face. To preserve the beauty of the lips, you need to pay attention to them every day. Humidification, nutrition and massage are important procedures in order to preserve youthfulness and freshness of the lips for many years.

Oils for facial skin: useful properties, how to apply

Cosmetic oils perfectly nourish, moisturize dry, sensitive and irritated skin of the face, and also has a rejuvenating effect.

Whitening teeth at home

A snow-white smile will serve as an additional decoration for any girl. To maintain the beauty and health of teeth, for advice on whitening does not necessarily refer to professionals. Let's consider effective recipes.

Ice Cubes for the face: recipes for moisturizing and youthful skin

In moisturizing cubes can be simple water. But of course, you can include the female "magic" by adding to the molds a curative herb broth, or pieces of juicy fruit or sparkling vitamins vegetables.

How to increase the lips of folk remedies

To achieve the effect of folk remedies, you need to be patient and observe the regularity of procedures. The result justifies the invested labor!

How to remove pigmentation spots on the face?

At home, it is best to whiten them with the help of folk remedies. Effectively help the following products: lemon, grapefruit, parsley.

How to remove the second chin?

At any age and with any combination of the efforts of gymnastic exercises, you can ensure that your chin remains the first and only and you will look immaculate.

Moisturizing the skin at home

The cause of such problems of facial skin, as dryness, wrinkles, peeling and dull color, is its dehydration. To avoid it it is necessary to carry out the following measures for moisturizing the skin.

Oily skin of the face: how to look after

To maintain a fresh look of the skin, you must constantly degrease its surface and prevent thickening of the stratum corneum.

Dry Face Skin: Care Rules

Dry skin needs protection from external adverse effects and from drying out. If the skin is very dehydrated, you should choose the right moisturizer.

How to choose the right face cream

Qualitative face creams are made from fatty components, active biocomponents and water. And in order to get a soft, delicate texture, special emulsifiers are added.

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