Choose a hairstyle according to the shape of the face

With the help of a properly selected hairstyle, you can hide the imperfections of the face and become even more attractive. However, even the most fashionable hairstyle, chosen without taking into account the individual characteristics of the person, can ruthlessly spoil your image. How not to make a mistake with the choice?

There are five main types of face: oval, triangular, square, rectangular and round. Determine the type of your face , and with the help of our tips you can maximize your individual beauty.


The oval face is considered ideal. To any type of face fit any hairstyle. There are contrasts in performance, for example, the presence or absence of bangs, open or closed ears, symmetrical or asymmetric hairstyle.


Characterized by prominent cheekbones, a broad forehead, thinly delineated miniature lower part. The face is very characteristic, original.

Hairstyle problems for triangular face shape :

1. To correct, soften the sharp lines of the transition between the wide stitched projections and the narrow chin;

2. To preserve the originality of the face oval, to emphasize the contrast of sharp transition lines.

With this type of face, you should avoid low hairstyles that have a splendor in the temples and make the face flat. Recommended hairstyles with a side cut and strands of hair that go into the cheeks. The forehead is partially (but not completely) covered with easily falling hair.

Bang for a triangular face

Ideally will look a thin bang in the form of an arc. An arch bang will look very natural and soften angular features.


Characterized by a narrow forehead and broad jaw. To make the forehead wider, it is necessary to partially cover it with a bang. In the hairstyle, hair should be directed up and wide.


Characterized by a broad lower jaw, creating the impression of a heavy chin, and proportional to the chin of the forehead. The face of this type looks angular and coarse.

The task of the hairdresser is to soften the angular lines of the chin. For such a person, asymmetrical hairstyles are preferred. You should avoid the thick long bangs of straight hair, which emphasizes the widely protruding parts of the chin, and smoothly combed from the face of the hair, opening the wrong forehead lines.


Characterized by a broad and high forehead, protruding along the sides of the lower jaw, a high beginning line of hair growth. If such a person is viewed in profile, then a high forehead is striking, and in general the features appear to be correct.

The problem of the hairdresser when creating a hairdress in this case is to soften all the vertical and horizontal lines of the face.

Choose a hairstyle that covers the ears and frames the face with curls. Do not smoothly comb back the temporal hair and open the forehead. It should be partially covered with a large strand of hair combed to one side. Most with this form of face fit hairstyles, concealing the height and width of the forehead. Also recommended are asymmetrical hairstyles with sufficient volume on the temples.

Strip for a rectangular face

For a high forehead, a straight long bangs fit. This type of bang will make the traits more feminine and soft, make them more correct, and also help to look younger.


Characterized by a high forehead, prominent cheekbones, an oval lower part, ie. the predominance of vertical lines. The face of this type is quite beautiful, but if the vertical lines are too pronounced, the face has a sad expression.

When elongated form of the face is recommended to avoid high hairstyles and smoothly combed hair on the temples. Do not open your forehead, either. to strengthen the hairstyle impression of elongation of the face.

At the level of the ears and on the occipital part, the hairstyle should be more voluminous, so that the lower part of the face does not seem too miniature.

Fir with an elongated face shape

The bangs should be a long straight line or a half-line, reaching the eyebrow line. The bangs covering the forehead will hide the elongation of the face. If the face is too narrow, it visually widens the deaf bangs from ear to ear.

The task of the hairdresser is to smooth all the vertical lines in the features of the client with the relief of the elements of the hairstyle (waviness of strands, bangs).


It is characterized by full cheeks, a low forehead, a soft line of chin transition to the widest part of the face (bilious protuberances) and a low growth line of hair on the forehead. The round face looks flat.

With this form of the face, one should avoid buns, the round silhouette of the hairstyle that repeats the shape of the face is also unacceptable. Not recommended are low hairstyles with a flat top covering the ears, as well as hairstyles that expand the face and increase the volume of the head. Excessive roundness of the face can be masked by asymmetrical lines of the hairstyle.

When modeling a hairstyle for a round face, it is necessary to strive to create the appearance of its elongation, i.e., the shape of the face close to the oval. In this case, the upward-looking details of the hairstyle and the wavy frontal bangs are most appropriate. The form of the hairstyle in this case should, gradually expanding (up to the ears), go up.

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