Types of female figures: what kind of clothes will suit you?

There are many features in the figure of each woman, but the types of figures are only five, they are determined by the structure of the skeleton, the distribution of muscle and fat tissue along the body, the proportions between the shoulder girdle, waist and hips, and the nature of the body lines. You can lose weight or recover, but the type of figure, as a rule, remains the same.

The secret of the clothes that suits you is that it helps to create the right proportions, hide flaws and highlight the dignity of the figure, depending on what type it is. So, the stylists distinguish five basic types of female figures, we call them conditionally: a droplet, an hourglass, a rectangle, a triangle and an oval.

TYPE OF THE FIGURE - PEAR (narrow shoulders, wide hips)

pear-shaped With this type of figure, the hips are wider than the shoulders, the upper part of the body is somewhat longer than the lower one, the legs are more likely to be of the broad-bone type of addition, whereas the hands are to the narrow-bone type. The waist is sometimes understated, narrow, or medium, but quite pronounced.

Greasings with a figure of this type are mainly on the hips, buttocks, abdomen and calves, sometimes on the waist. And, the more weight, the more triangular becomes a figure of this type. When losing weight, the figure usually improves noticeably. Particularly important for this type of figure is the posture: even the slightest stoop emphasizes all disadvantageous features.

If you decide to change something in yourself, then remember that your figure needs so-called heavy complex exercises that develop several muscle groups at once. In addition to complex, you need to do two or three isolating exercises aimed at the specific muscle of the legs. In the end, this will change the impression produced by your figure.

The main task is to get thighs to lose weight, but this does not mean that the rest of the body can be left without attention. You should seriously work on the top to shift the visual accent from too heavy hips.

The figure with chic hips, combined with a flat stomach, rather thin waist and narrow shoulders - is very feminine and natural. Grush rarely gets fat, but his shoulders, back and neck are always fragile. Regardless of height and weight, this type also always retains the waist.

  • Choose clothes for the figure type "Pear"

    (narrow waist, the same volume of chest and hips)

    X-type figure X-type is considered a classic female figure. The detected deficiencies are easily corrected and, as a rule, in most cases are reduced only to weight adjustment. The structure - the width of the shoulders is equal to the width of the hips. The lower and upper parts of the body are proportional and look quite organic. The waist is narrow, sometimes even unnecessary.

    Greasings with this type of figure are very different, but, as a rule, on the hips and chest. Overweight leads to the formation of the so-called "ears" in the hip area. If you want to keep a figure or improve it, then to begin to balance the diet, because the main concern should be to keep in the body of a percentage of fat that would only emphasize the inherent smoothness of the lines and keep the muscles in good tone.

    The main goal of physical exercises is to strengthen the muscles, thus preserving their unique physique in the form of an hourglass. For this you will have to train 3 times a week, every other day. From aerobic exercise you can walk, run, stepper, exercise bike, dance aerobics.

  • Choose clothes for the figure type "Hourglass"

    TYPE OF FIGURE - APPLE (approximately the same volume
    waist, chest and hips with a smooth line)

    type of figure - oval Your motto is "Accent on the feet and neckline"

    The round type of the figure is distinguished by a smooth line running from the shoulders to the hips, is characteristic of women prone to fullness. This type is characterized by calm and majesty. If the volume of your breasts and waist is about the same and the most rounded middle part of your body - put an emphasis on your legs and brighten your face! Great Rubens valued women like you, - LOVE YOURSELF!

  • Choose clothes for the figure type "Apple"

    (approximately the same waist, chest and hips)

    rectangular figure type The signs of such a figure are practically the same width of shoulders and hips, a wide undeveloped waist, why the figure acquires a somewhat rectangular appearance. In most cases, women of this type tend to be full. The more excess weight, the less pronounced the muscles that form the contours of the figure, the more rectangular it seems. Loss of fat always changes the shape of your type for the better.

    The main problem of a figure of this type is the forward belly and wide waist. With such shortcomings, your figure is difficult to call ideal. However, to an ideal you are closer than other types of women. Your muscles, from birth strong, very quickly respond to formative exercises with weights. And this means that it is much easier for you than the rest to give the body a perfect look.

    The main goal is to lose fat around the waist and strengthen the abdominal muscles. The optimal solution is a combination of a low-fat diet, aerobics and a training program aimed at the abdominal muscles. Individual types of aerobic loads (for 45 minutes several times a week) purposefully make the waistline lose weight! What are these loads? The most simple and uncomplicated exercises: long jogging and walking.

  • Type of shape "Rectangle". Choosing a wardrobe

    TYPE FIGURE - TRIANGLE (shoulders and bust wider than the hips)

    triangular figure type Triangle - a sporty woman with broad shoulders, matching breasts and narrow thighs - is most popular in the world of business women, who love to do themselves and form their own figure.

    With a figure such as the Triangle of the shoulders is much wider than the hips. The length of the upper half of the trunk may be somewhat shorter than the lower one. Sometimes thin rather slender legs are combined with a massive upper body. The waist can be not expressed, slightly wide.

    Surplus fat with this figure is located in the chest, hands, back, abdomen, while losing weight does not always lead to a good result. The wearer of the triangular figure does not need to make the bottom of the body slimmer, but here the roundness here does not hurt at all. In order to balance the top and bottom of the body, you need to lighten the top and add body weight in the hip area. An acceptable option may be an increase in the muscular mass of the buttocks, thighs and the maximum release from fat deposits on the abdomen.

    As a way to reduce the top of the body you can use the technique of "supercells". "Superset" - two exercises for the same group of muscles, performed immediately one after another. To create feminine forms, it is necessary to perform exercises with relatively large weights and a small number of repetitions.

    If you have an urgent need to lose fat, then exercise 4-5 times a week. Your type of figure is suitable for all types of aerobics, which involve large muscle groups: cross-bricks, staircases, exercise bikes, ski simulators, weights with weights, rowing machines, and a treadmill.

  • Type of figure "Triangle". Choosing a wardrobe

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