New Year's Dresses - 2018 in the Year of the Dog

Is it easy to buy an evening dress for the year of the Dog? At first it may seem that yes - it has measured what you like, it's a good village - and you can carry it to the checkout. But! This method does not help you to combine the most current fashion trends with the traditions typical for this "inhabitant" of the eastern horoscope.

New Year Dresses with Train - 2018

A Christmas dress with a plush train is the best way to please the hostess of the coming year. In a dress with a train you will look very fashionable and stylish, besides, it can bring you luck in the coming year.

Fashion on red

Classic New Year colors are red, orange, gold. These colors will be most appropriate in the New Year's dress of this year.

The choice of a holiday dress like "like - do not like" has long ago become a thing of the past. Nowadays, it has become a good tradition to observe the conformity of the shade of the attire to the sign of the animal, the year of which you were going to meet.

Do you want to please the yellow dog, given the horoscope tips? Selecting an outfit, include in it shades of yellow, brown, orange, gold, and also blue or green. These colors will decorate any fashionista - the main thing is to find your "own" shade and texture of the fabric. For example, if you are a redhead, first of all try on an electrician's outfit. The brunette will be decorated with a rich indigo color, and the blonde - a satin dress of pistachio or azure hue.

New Year's holidays are only once a year, so you are allowed to experiment with yourself and wear something new and unusual. Guests can be surprised by a dress in oriental style, decorated with luxurious embroidery. Fashionable New Year's dresses of 2018 are just oriental motifs made of silk or satin, necessarily monophonic, made in blue, purple, emerald or black.

Embroidery with gold threads

The embroidery with gold threads will also be actual. Make a dress unique will help cute details, such as a collar-stand, festoon or deep neckline on the back, as well as traditionally oriental kimono sleeves or asymmetrical cut.

New Year's dresses - 2018 with gilding

The color palette of the upcoming New Year's Rooster should be bright and include all shades of red, as well as white, black, gently blue and deep dark blue. Dresses with metallic luster, gold inserts are very welcome.

As before, new-year dresses with a "mermaid" style do not go out of fashion. This kind of evening costume does not require the presence of a large number of different accessories on it. It will be enough to limit yourself to a small, but elegant strap or belt.

New Year's Dresses - 2018: Color Chosen

It is assumed that the favorites of this New Year's night will be dresses of gold and silver color, but no less relevant will be other coloring, such as purple, dark green or saturated gray.

For lovers of classic evening dresses in the floor and strapless should choose the shade lighter, well, those who give their preference to cocktail dresses, have a somewhat greater choice of color palette.

It should be noted that silk, satin and chiffon remain fashionable this year. The most actual dresses will be with inserts from several types of fabrics, especially if it is fur or white lace.

New Year's Dresses - 2018: Topical Styles

The options for celebrating the New Year are different. It can be like a home dinner with a family, and a noisy party in a big company. Alas, each of the options requires a certain approach and, accordingly, the version of the New Year's attire. Naturally, to meet the new 2018 in a solemn thematic setting or restaurant, the most urgent decision is a long, elegant dress, depending on the situation, it can be supplemented with a small train.

Short New Year's Dresses - 2018

There is still such a popular variant of celebration, as a youth party. In this case, it will be most expedient to choose a short, but not devoid of taste and elegance apparel. According to experts, in fashion will be outfits that have a puffy skirt or fully fitting on the likeness of club mini. According to experts' forecasts, the most versatile will be a dress with fur or leather inserts.

New Year's dresses - 2018 in Greek style

It should be remembered that the first criteria, according to which it is necessary to select New Year's costume, is beauty, elegance, comfort, and a free cut that does not restrict movement. Dresses in Greek style meet all these requirements.

If winter will give you a cold New Year, a little fur and a dress will decorate, and warm your shoulders. Fluffy stole, soft boa, neat waistcoat, warm bolero or collar - each of these things will give evening coziness, and you will turn into a glamorous beauty. And by the way, the longer the pile will be, the less need for other accessories.

And one of the most fashionable trends of the upcoming 2018 will be retro. So you will be the winner if you put on a New Year's corporate emerald or blue retro dress. It can be flirty, in the spirit of Charleston, fashionable in the distant 1920s, ultra-short a la 60's, or elongated, decorated with a pleated skirt under the 70's.

Do you want to be brave? Do not be afraid to experiment with fabrics, silhouettes and styles, as well as ornaments. And your image will be unique and unrepeatable!

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