Lush skirts: fashion styles

Lush skirts, which gained unprecedented popularity in the middle of the last century, triumphantly return to the fashionable Olympus. In the coming season, they are undoubtedly the most interesting trend, able to create and emphasize a stylish, but at the same time, a modest and feminine image in the spirit of the 60s.

The voluminous lush skirts are beautiful, versatile and practical. Short, long, monochrome and decorated with bright prints, completely different in style and style, they can look spectacular on any figure. The main thing is to correctly choose the style of the skirt and know what it is preferable to wear it.

Fancy skirt styles

To give the image of rebelliousness and adventurism, to demonstrate the harmony of the legs and attract admiring men's views, a short, fluffy skirt can easily be used. Models of such skirts are ideal for young slim girls and are distinguished by a variety of styles: skirts of a trapezoid, skirts in the form of a bell, skirts with frills. They perfectly fit in urban style, comfortable, sexy and very feminine. In combination with properly selected high-heeled shoes, short skirts create the illusion of flawless long legs. According to the designers, the ideal companion for a short, lush skirt will be a shortened fitted jacket, a thin laconic blouse or a tight-fitting sweater made of soft material.

The classic mid-length bell-skirt perfectly fits into the wardrobe of any modern woman. This model in retro style will help to make a stylish, memorable ensemble, both for an evening out, and for everyday life. Festive, evening versions of lush skirts of medium length from satin, lace, silk, from fabrics with translucent inserts can be found in the collections of leading fashion houses. Models made of a variety of fabrics, give the figure a beautiful correct proportions. Such skirts successfully conceal full or too narrow thighs and emphasize the waist. It is one of the main conditions for correct combination - the top should not be bulky, and accessories are massive and catchy.

Lovers of the maxi length will appreciate the long lush models to the floor. Such skirts look great in combination with high heels, shortened fitted jackets or fur vests. Long models will be suitable for almost any type of figure, but it will be more advantageous to look at tall and slender girls.

A special place among lush skirts is occupied by American skirts . Bright, stylish, airy, they have long ceased to be just children's clothes. Lush multilayered skirts made of organza, nylon or tulle look coquettish and seductive. The length of such skirts varies from mini to maxi, but models look more appealing to the knee.

In the coming season, designers offer lush skirts from fabrics with various fashion prints - floral, animal, geometric, in peas, as well as from monophonic fabrics. The choice of tissue depends on the situation and personal preferences. If the skirt is bright with bright colors, the combination with a monophonic top will be the most optimal.

A lavish skirt is a bright and memorable subject of the wardrobe. They can be completely different, but it is impossible to resist their femininity and sexuality.

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