Pear-shaped face. Hairstyles and style

In women with a pear-shaped face, a wide lower part, prominent cheekbones, the lower jaw has a square shape, the forehead is relatively narrow.

Which hairstyles are suitable for a pear-shaped face?

You will look good:

  • Hairstyles and haircuts with extra curls on the temples, in order to give the volume of the upper part of the face;
  • it is not desirable to get a haircut too short, the length of the hair should at least cover the ears;
  • choose hairstyles that frame the chin and cover the wide cheekbones;
  • you have a side part;
  • original, asymmetrical haircuts and styling;
  • you can make a long bang combed on one side;
  • thick bangs will help balance the proportions.

    What to avoid:

  • Hairstyles, giving the volume of the lower part of the face;
  • central parting;
  • smoothly combed hair on the temples;
  • avoid very short haircuts.

    Choose glasses for a pear-shaped face

    You can experiment with the glasses, which have interesting distracting details on the top of the frame. Also you should pay attention to two-color models. Help to restore the balance of the face such glasses, in which the upper part is thicker than the lower one.

    The shape of the frame you should choose an oval or curved, brow-shaped shape. The width of the glasses should be slightly larger than the cheekbones.

    Which hats are suitable for a pear-shaped face

    The main task when choosing a hat is to make your forehead wider. Hats with asymmetric fields will help you in this.

    Shape of earrings for pear-shaped face

    Long earrings will suit you. Avoid earrings of wide shape, their length should always be greater than the width. Do not buy earrings of a triangular shape.

    Eyebrow shape for pear-shaped face

    The round shape of the eyebrows will help balance the shape of your face.

    Makeup for pear-shaped face

    pear-shaped face Here are the basic recommendations for applying makeup:

  • Apply a darker base to the chin and lower jaw;
  • a lighter tone on the forehead will help make it wider;
  • Blush should be applied to cheekbones in the shape of the letter V with an inclination towards the temples.

    It turns out that being beautiful is easy! Just use a few tricky tips, and the key to success in your pocket!

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