Exercises to improve the shape of the breast

What determines the shape of the breast?

Breast care at home The shape and size of the mammary glands are largely due to genetic factors, in other words - are inherited, and these parameters can be fundamentally changed only surgically. The bust consists of 15-20 glandular lobules, having the appearance of a grape brush and located in the thickness of the connective tissue; muscle in it is not. But support his muscles - the pectoral and the shoulder girdle.

Complete development, we can say - the heyday of the breast reaches to 18-20 years, and initially the muscles, as a rule, are quite able to cope with their task. All the sorrows associated with the bust begin at the woman after the birth of the child. It is known that in the nursing mother, the mammary glands significantly increase in size. Accordingly, the skin is stretched, and the supporting muscles are weak enough to keep this "new", heavier chest in the right place.

When the feeding period ends, the breast itself returns to its previous dimensions, but its internal structure changes somewhat: the elastic glandular tissue is partially replaced by a loose connective tissue. The skin on the chest does not shrink to its former area, as it constantly experiences considerable stretching, and the muscles naturally weaken with age. All this together leads to the fact that the breast "hangs", and few of the women give birth to the state of their bust.

To restore the elasticity and beauty of the chest, you must work on the muscles and the skin. In fact, the most useful lesson for strengthening the muscles that support the chest is swimming and rowing (especially on a kayak). But special exercises are also quite effective; it should only be remembered that gymnastics for the improvement of the shape and elasticity of the chest for some reason requires colossal efforts - the exercises should be frequent, regular, intense, and then, maybe, in four months you will notice the result.

Complex of exercises with dumbbells

The most effective for bust exercises with dumbbells. It is best to take two dumbbells weighing 2 kg. In the first week of classes, perform each exercise of the complex below 10-15 times, then gradually increase the number of repetitions. Weight of dumbbells is not necessary to increase.

Breast exercises 1. Standing on your knees, put forward your right leg, bending your knee at a right angle. Tilt the body forward, the back is straight. Hands (in each hand on a dumbbell) are bent before a breast. Raise your arms to the sides and again bring them in front of your chest. Then do the same with the support of the left leg and the right knee (Figure 1).

Breast exercises 2. Make a wide step forward (half-attack) with your right foot, with your right hand, rest on the hip of your right leg, slightly bent at the knee. The other hand with a dumbbell to lift forward and up to the level of the shoulders, while taking a breath. On exhalation, take your hand as far as possible. Do the same with the right hand (Figure 2).

3. Stand up, legs apart with wider shoulders and arms outstretched with dumbbells. Bending his arms, bring dumbbells to his chest, trying not to lower his elbows, then again pull his hands forward.

4. Standing on your knees, put forward your right leg, bending your knee at a right angle. The hand rests on the thigh. The other hand has a dumbbell. The elbow of this hand should be pulled back as far as possible and slowly lead the dumbbells to the shoulder, then back again.

5. Stand up straight, slightly bending your knees for better support. Hands with dumbbells lift up so that the maximum bent elbows are near the ears. Pull up both hands and then "drop" them again, without changing the position of the elbows.

6. Lie on your back with your legs slightly bent at the knees, hands with dumbbells bend at the elbows at a right angle so that the forearms are perpendicular to the floor. Slowly straighten your arms, pulling dumbbells into the ceiling (exhale). Return to the FE (inhalation, Fig. 3).

Breast exercises 7. Lie on your back, slightly bending your knees and stretching your arms and dumbbells up. As slowly as possible, put your hands apart and lower them to the floor. Return to the IP.

8. Stand up, putting your feet wider than your shoulders and stretching your arms forward with dumbbells. Alternately, bend one or the other arm at the elbow, bringing the forearm to the shoulder.

Seven exercises without dumbbells

1. Sit on the stool; the back is straightened, the head is proudly raised, arms bent at the elbows are raised to the height of the shoulders. Slowly take your hands back, bringing your shoulder blades together and straining your pectoral muscles. Repeat 6-10 times.

2. With arms outstretched at shoulder height, perform circular movements - first small circles, then more and more, first forward, then backward. Make sure that the swing is large enough to rotate.

Breast exercises 3. Fold the brushes together before the breast, fingers to yourself (Figure 4). Try to raise your hands with folded hands as high as possible, and then slowly lower your hands and press against the body.

4. Sit on a stool or chair, straightening his back and freely dropping his arms. Slowly raise your hands through the sides upward, so to connect the palms over your head. Vigorously 5 times press one palm to the other, then take your hands back to the previous position. After a short pause repeat the exercise Z times.

Breast exercises 5. On the outstretched palms slowly raise ("squeeze") two books (Figure 5). Repeat 10 times. Pay attention to the elbows remained in the correct position.

6. Push-ups: hands on two stools or ottoman and slowly, bending arms, lower the body (Figure 6). The trunk and legs are straight all the time, the back does not bend. Return to the IP. Repeat 10 times.

Breast exercises 7. Sit in a comfortable chair, resting your arms on the armrests. Leaning on his hands and stretching his legs forward, raise the trunk (Figure 6). (Torso and legs straight.) Slowly sink into an armchair. Repeat 5 times.

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