Folk remedies for breast augmentation

traditional means of breast augmentation In folk medicine, there are many recipes for breast augmentation, which our grandmothers used. How effective can they be and how to use them? Let's try to remember the most popular folk ways and, perhaps, to test yourself.

The most famous means to increase the bust is cabbage . Microelements contained in it, improve the hormonal background of women and stimulate breast growth. However, the most effective result can be obtained only in adolescence. Adult women with a large amount of cabbage will feel only a minor result.

Some women have noticed that regular use of black tea with milk promotes breast enlargement.

Tea from fresh strawberry leaves with milk is considered to be an effective remedy. The recipe is very simple: brew the leaves in boiling water, let it brew, then add the milk.

Very useful and safe folk remedy for breast augmentation - walnuts with honey . Grind the nuts, pour them with liquid honey and let it brew for about a week. Use a dessert spoonful of the mixture 2-3 times a day.

Some women have been helped by another recipe for breast augmentation - bread crusts . They say that if you eat them in large amounts for about six months, there is a slight increase in the breast.

Turmeric with milk is one of the oldest means for breast augmentation. One teaspoon of turmeric and milk should be eaten 3 times a day before meals.

In folk medicine, it is believed that the use of green apples, dairy and fermented milk products , chicken or fish, lemon juice, even red wine and beer. However, physicians are skeptical about such remedies.

Increase in the breast is facilitated by some decoctions of herbs . 1 tablespoon cones of hops pour a glass of water and put on a water bath for 15 minutes, cool. Take 2-3 tablespoons of broth 3 times a day. The result is always palpable, the breast grows due to the hormones contained in the cones of hops. Be careful, hormonal drugs affect the health of women ambiguously.

Another effective means to increase bust is moderate consumption of beer . It is important not to abuse that there is no dependence on beer and, in addition, there are the same shortcomings as in the recipe with hops.

You can also prepare a decoction of grains of rye, barley, millet and corn mixed in equal parts and boiled in large quantities of water. This broth is used 3 times a day before meals. At night, the breast is wrapped in rice porridge, and in the morning rinsed with infusion of chamomile. However, the effectiveness of this method is not the same for everyone.

There is still such a recipe: 10 times alternately apply hot compresses with ylang-ylang and geranium oil and cold compresses with sea salt, then rinse the breast with clean water and apply a cream to tighten the chest. However, it is dangerous to abuse this remedy, since frequent overheating and hypothermia promote the appearance of tumors.

Another recipe is to apply on the chest a mixture of 50 ml of almond oil and 10 drops of ylang-ylang and geranium every day after a shower.

Applications of blue clay for the night are also very effective. They contribute to a tightening of the breast and maintaining its elasticity.

Dangerous recipes that are undesirable to apply

In some sources, you can find a dubious way to increase the breast - rubbing the juice of the cicuta. This method is very dangerous for health, tsikuta is a poison, so do not try it on yourself.

There is an opinion that the breast can be increased with the help of mustard plasters. However, this method has not helped anyone else, but there is a high risk of burning the tender skin of the breast and the development of tumors, including those of poor quality.

A very well-known in the people way - iodine mesh. In a small amount, it is safe, but ineffective. And with frequent use such manipulations necessarily end in burns, or even worse - with new growths.

People say that if you eat raw dough, the breast will increase. In this case, you need to listen to the doctors: they warn that the result of such a diet is very doubtful, and the side effects will not keep you waiting - there will begin problems with digestion and overweight.

Often one can hear the opinion that it is possible to increase the breast with the help of a large amount of fatty foods. The truth is there: the volume of the breast will increase, and with it the rest of the body will recover. It should be remembered that fatty foods in large quantities provoke diseases of the digestive system.

To achieve a noticeable effect, it is necessary to combine folk remedies with physical exercises .

Before using the traditional means of breast augmentation, first think about your health. Do not experiment with yourself, appreciate what nature has given you.

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