Hair Balm: how to choose and apply

Our hair is the first to react to the negative impact of the environment - scorching sun, hard water, stress, poor nutrition. Therefore, the use of balms is an important stage of hair care.

You should know the differences and be able to choose the balm that best suits your hair.

Types of balms for hair

All balsams are divided into three large groups:

1. usual balms;

2. rinse aid;

3. air conditioners.

4. Shade balms

Balms do not contain harmful chemical additives. The elements entering into their composition penetrate into the scales of the hair and smooth its surface.

Conditioners help the hair to dry faster, reduce the electrization of the hair. But they can not be used at all times, because the substances contained in them accumulate in the hair and weight it.

Rinsers remove from the hair the remains of shampoo, restore the pH balance of the head. Sometimes they can contain antistatics. They give hair softness and shine , facilitate combing. These remedies are suitable for healthy hair.

There are also balms for giving hair volume, for dyed and weakened hair. But special attention should be paid to what type of hair they are suitable for.

Means for dry hair contain moisturizing ingredients.

With oily hair, you can generally abandon the use of balm, or use light sprays.

Universal means will suit those who have normal hair.

For fine hair choose balms for giving volume; for wavy - means with a light and nutritious texture.

Damaged hair requires balms that solve a specific problem (for example, hair loss).

How to apply balsam properly

To achieve the maximum effect from the use of balm you must follow simple rules:

- apply balm on clean damp hair and keep on the hair for 2-3 minutes;

- do not apply balm on the scalp; this tool is intended only for the hair, in the first place, for the tips;

- the conditioner can be held on hair a little bit longer - so hair will receive more useful substances;

- Balsams with the effect of "2 in 1" is recommended to use as rarely as possible or not at all;

- in the summer it is necessary to use air conditioners with protection from UV-rays;

- For oily and thin hair, it is better to choose indelible balms;

- Balm should be changed from time to time, otherwise the hair will get used to it, and the balm will cease to be useful;

With a successful choice of balm and observance of these simple rules, your hair will become shiny and healthy, bulky and elastic.

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