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Bezmiamachnaya paint for hair

Many women came across the fact that after dyeing their hair becomes dry, brittle, lifeless. Persistent paints based on chemical oxidants explode the structure of the hair, after which they need long-term treatment .

The modern industry of paints began to pay more and more attention to health of hair, sparing methods of dyeing get more and more popularity. Recently, natural hair colors without ammonia (ammonium) have appeared on the market, which are increasingly in demand every year. With their help, you can safely try a new color or grow your natural, and also give a beautiful shade to weakened hair, after a chemical wave or discoloration .

Paints for hair without ammonia provide gentle gentle coloring. They include natural nutritional components, such as millet extract, enriched with silicic acid - to protect the structure of the hair, extracts of birch, grape seeds, walnut shells , etc. Therefore, natural hair colors without ammonia not only will not damage your hair, but also will help to strengthen, restore their structure and give a diamond shine.

Bezammiachnaya paint beautifully falls even on light and gray hair. When coloring gray hair is recommended to choose the tone, close to your natural color. Since gentle hair colors do not contain ammonia, they can lighten your hair only 1-2 colors.

Light shades of paint are not intended for dyeing dark hair. If you want to lighten dark hair for 2-3 tones, it is advisable to desaturate them beforehand. But in this case, you will not feel the sparing effect of natural paint. To change the color of dark hair in a gentle way, choose dark saturated shades.

After staining, thanks to the natural components of the dye, the hair becomes more healthy, lively, shiny and silky. In the package with paint you will find the attached balm conditioner. Do not forget to use it after staining. He restores the structure of the hair, gives them silky and shine, seals the resulting color for a long time.

To get the desired color when painting without ammonia, pay attention to the following factors:

  • your natural hair color
  • the presence of gray hair
  • structure of hair
  • temperature and time of exposure
  • Before you dye your hair with bezmiamochnoy paint, determine your natural hair color. Is it in the same color range with the chosen paint color? If your hair has a cold ash color, and the paint is golden warm, you risk getting an unpredictable greenish shade when staining.

    When choosing a paint of golden hues, the result of staining can be one-half light lighter than expected, the ashy hues on the contrary give a result of a semitone darker than the basic color of the paint.

    If in doubt when choosing a paint color, stop for lighter colors, since a light tint is easier to fix with an unsuccessful result.

    In the presence of gray hair from sparing methods of coloring, you can choose tinting or bezammiachnye dyes. If you have a lot of gray hair, it's best to color your hair. Be careful with red hues, on gray hair they look very bright.

    Tips for coloring without ammonia:

    It is not recommended to wash your hair before staining. In special cases, if the hair is loaded with varnish or styling products, the head should be washed.

    Apply the paint on dry or towel-dried hair, spread over the entire length. After 30 minutes, wash the head with shampoo and apply restoring balm .

    If you are painting overgrown roots, apply the paint first to the roots of the hair for 15 minutes. Then spread the remaining paint over the entire length of the hair. After 15 minutes, wash your hair with shampoo.

    Thin hair absorbs the paint faster and is more vulnerable to damage, so the time for dyeing fine hair can be reduced.

    The intensity of staining is significantly affected by the temperature and time of exposure to the paint. In the warmth of hair dyeing faster. To obtain a more stable result, it is advisable to cover the hair with a dyeing cap and to withstand a time of 30 minutes.


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