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Safe hair coloring. Modern technologies

Safe hair coloring.

Hair coloring without harm. Modern technologies

Despite the fact that the quality of dyes improves every year, any persistent coloring does not have a good effect on the health of the hair. A chemical reaction destroys the structure of the hair and makes it brittle, dry , porous. Most hair spoils when blonded . All women are familiar with these consequences, but agree to the staining under the motto "beauty requires sacrifice."

The most gentle way of staining until recently was considered toning . However, this method is not perfect: after 1-2 washings, the shade becomes tarnished. In addition, with the help of toning it is impossible to lighten hair more than 1 tone.

Thanks to modern developments in the field of color, it is now possible to dye or lighten your hair absolutely without harm! Now in the process of coloring, you can not only give a bright, fashionable shade, but at the same time restore damaged hair , make them alive, bright, radiant, glamorous. Consider the most popular methods of safe hair dyeing, which are offered in modern salons.

Manicure for hair (color bio-lamination)

This is one of the most fashionable directions in dyeing hair. A thin colored shell gives hair not only a fashionable color, but simultaneously nourishes and protects their structure. The paint is made from natural food colors with the addition of nutrients. This "manicure" gives the hair beautiful shades and nourishes their structure for three or more weeks.

"Manicure" can be done and colorless. Each hair will be covered with a protective film of beeswax and natural shiny particles. Women with thin and rare hair should be pampered with their hair by a similar procedure. The protective shell will seal the structure of the hair, make them thicker, more obedient. The hair will acquire an additional volume.

Color lamination can be done for women with weakened hair. This paint does not use chemical oxidants that destroy the structure of the hair. On the contrary, dyeing "ink" is natural pigments on a nutritious basis. They contain proteins from vegetable extracts, ginger, seaweed.

"Manicure for hair" can give your hair as a gentle barely noticeable shades, and bright intense colors. The palette of colors is very rich - from pink to black. It can even be done for women with colored hair to slightly change the shade or seal the existing paint. Thus, the paint will last longer, and the hair will be protected from damage.

Technology CHI - absolutely safe way of dyeing hair

The technology of persistent staining of CHI most recently appeared in fashionable beauty salons. In translation, CHI stands for Cationic-Moisturizing Interconnection. The composition of dyes of the CHI system includes: silk cream and ceramic alloy CHI 44, which includes 44 inorganic compounds.

CHI technology guarantees the highest color fastness, hypoallergenicity; complete absence of ammonia and other damaging chemical components. Silk cream gently dyes the hair and restores their structure. The coloring pigment is retained on the hair due to electrostatic attraction, since the ionic charges of the hair and silk are unipolar. As a result, the hair becomes elastic, strong, shiny, and acquire a beautiful shade.

The possibilities of CHI technology are unlimited. With it, you can lighten the hair up to 8 tones, ensure color fastness and at the same time restore the structure of the hair. You can dye your hair, lighten and heal at the same time.

Curative hair coloring Materia from Lebel Cosmetics

Materia hair dye from Lebel Cosmetics is the world's first low ammonium dye with a healing and restoring effect at the CELLULAR LEVEL. The composition of Materia paint includes a therapeutic cell membrane complex. Therefore, during the staining process, the damaged areas of the hair are restored, their surface layer is filled with lipids and hair. After dyeing, the hair looks shiny, vibrant and plastic. Liquid crystals of the cream base penetrate into the hair structure, enhance the reflection of light in the hair. As a result, the hair gets a vibrating shine and a rich color.

Materia allows you to lighten the hair to 12 levels of tone with a low percentage of oxidants. Thus hair remain healthy.

MATERIA guarantees: High durability of staining - 6 - 8 weeks. You can even color the damaged hair, the therapeutic effect of the paint will improve their condition. The possibility of lightening the hair without harm to level 12, even for the most resistant melanin. Full shading of gray hair.

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