How to wind hair

To wind hair on rollers for certain each girl knows. But that curls turned out smooth, beautiful, elastic, and pleased you for a few days, you need to "spy" some secrets on styling hair from professional masters.

Choosing curlers

To get the desired result, it is necessary to remember that the diameter of future curls depends on the thickness and type of hair curlers .

Short hair is conveniently wound on large or medium curler hairpin. They will give the hairstyle a chic volume.

Long hair is often wound on soft papillot, they are easy to use, do not interfere with sleep, they allow you to get even small curls along the entire length.

How to beautifully wind hair

1. Before winding hair, it is recommended to wash them with shampoo, give them a little dry, and then carefully comb .

2. The procedure starts from the middle of the head. With the help of a scallop, separate a thin strand of hair, the width of which should not be more than the length of the curler. Sprinkle the strand with water or mousse for styling along the entire length. Now lift the strand upward, gently wind the tips on the curlers and tightly screw in the direction "inward" to the very base of the head. Maintain the strand along the edges of the curler so that no hair falls out. Secure with an elastic band or hairpin. Remember that inaccurately twisted tips or partially released hair from hair curlers can drastically ruin your hair. Place the curlers on your head one under the other, the steps.

If the hair is long, the strands should be as thin as possible, so the hair will dry out better and retain the styling longer.

3. Now you need to wait for the hair to dry completely. It is best that the strands dry themselves, naturally, then the curls will last a long time, until the next washing of the head. Long hair will take about 8 hours to dry, so it's best to wind it for the night.

4. Gently unwind the curlers, straighten the strands with your fingers and get beautifully wound hair. If you want to get a hairstyle from stout curls, do not use a comb for styling. Spread the curls with your hands and fix the result with a spray. If you need an incredible amount, use a massage comb.

How to "prolong life" curls for a few days?

There are several ways that curled curls long pleased you with their volume and beauty.

1. Twisting strands on curlers, wet them not with water, but with beer. Beer will serve as an excellent fixer, the curls will become more elastic, hard, permanently retain the shape. In addition, your hair will receive useful vitamins and protein contained in beer, will become strong and beautiful.

2. Many girls prefer to use a gelatin solution instead of a hair styler. Dilute a teaspoon of gelatin (no more, otherwise the hair will stick together) in a glass of warm water, allow it to swell, strain. With the resulting composition, moisten the strands and wind. You will get firm curls, your hair will get extra food and volume.

3. Sugar water can replace the hair styler. Dilute 2-4 teaspoons of sugar in a glass of water and apply on hair.

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