Asymmetric bangs: create a stylish image

Among the gray, faceless crowd, it's so difficult to stand out. Everyone tries to do it in their own way: some people buy bright cars, others buy clothes, others try to experiment on their image, making it unique and bright.

A wonderful way to emphasize yourself is an asymmetrical bang. It is certainly a non-standard, but bright and effective stylistic solution. Asymmetric bangs are perfect for an oval face .

If the face is oval, but noticeably prominent cheeks - should be asymmetrically bangs to do as high as possible to the base of the hair. If the shape of the face is strictly oval, the cheekbones are clearly expressed, and the cheeks are slightly sunken - the asymmetrical bangs will look perfect (maybe even slightly superimposed on the eyebrows).

An asymmetrical bang is also called a universal brand, since it can be any length - usually above the eyebrows, sometimes - below the eyebrows, less often - to the chin. "Universal" - because it flawlessly looks at those who have a braid up to the waist, perfectly goes under the haircut of "quads" , also advantageously decorates those who wear a haircut "bob" or "pixy" .

Asymmetric bangs: fashion options

Variants of asymmetric bangs can be very different: it is a short bang, and medium, and long, and multilayered. It can be both with a parting, and without it.

Asymmetrical slanting bangs

Often, asymmetrical bangs make the fair sex, who already have a basic haircut asymmetry. Thanks to the versatility of the asymmetrical bangs, the hairstyle can be constantly modeled and laid differently with the help of laying tools.

Asymmetric multilayer bangs

Asymmetric multilayer bangs emphasize the dynamism of the image and the shape of an asymmetrical hairstyle.

Asymmetrical torn bangs

To this universal trend, many Hollywood beauties are not indifferent. This bang was worn: and Rihanna , and Kirsten Dunst, and Cameron Diaz. Loves this bang and Beyonce, and Peris Hilton, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

Asymmetric bangs with elongation

Due to its eccentricity, an asymmetrical bang rejuvenates the face and perfectly conceals its shortcomings . It is able to attract the attention of all passers-by, emphasize the individuality of the owner of this type of bangs, her mystery and creative nature.

It is best to make an asymmetrical bangs with straight hair, but with the right combination with a haircut, an asymmetrical bang can look good on slightly curly hair.

Asymmetric bangs: styling

You can arrange asymmetrical bangs in a variety of ways - pin it on the side, collect it back, curl in the ancient style of "retro", make thick hair , braid in a thin pigtail, playfully put forward in the eyes, giving the image a mystery.

With asymmetric bangs, you can experiment differently, but it is important to remember one condition: whatever type of asymmetry you choose, you should always monitor the compositional completeness of the image.

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