Stripe with elongation on the sides

The bang can visibly transform any haircut, bring freshness into the hair and give the shape of the face the right features. So you can easily and naturally hide defects and anatomical features, such as massive cheekbones or high forehead. This small detail can advantageously emphasize the eyes.

A popular trend is a bang with elongation on the sides, an excellent image forming a female image and gracefully framing the cheeks.

This option can be considered by the example of many stars, and it looks harmoniously on the representatives of different types. One should only pay attention to the Hollywood divas Zoe Deschanel, Nicole Richie or Florence Welch.

Strip with elongation at the sides: varieties

The bang with elongation on the sides is done by different techniques and can be flat, with torn tips or semicircular.

The smooth fringe goes to the middle of the forehead, then the lateral strands extend and go to the main length gradually. She looks good on hairstyles with lush and dense curls, with puffy cheeks and a round face.

It is not advisable to lengthen the straight fringe with a square face shape. She elegantly looks at long and medium-length hair

Tie-arch with elongation on the sides

With elongations on the sides is made and bangs-arch, serving as a frame and somewhat softening rough features. It once again emphasizes the beauty of the lips and eyes of the possessor.

Ragged bangs with elongation on the sides

Ragged bangs with lateral elongated strands will go to the mistresses of a high forehead and with protruding cheekbones. Addition will soften angular and rough facial features, slightly round them. Currently, the peak of fashion can be called torn and slightly disheveled hair tips. The bangs will make the woman more effective and younger.

On two sides

The elongated bangs, which fit on two sides, look harmoniously on any haircut, if it is not below the chin. She brings to the female image of romance and tenderness.

Bardo style bangs

To the etalon of elegance the French style was always ranked. Today, many well-known personalities prefer to make bangs in the image and likeness of the 70s, like all the famous Brigitte Bardot. Divided in half from the middle of a long bang suitable for an elongated or oval face. It fits casually on its side or is pulled up - this is today the standard of seductiveness.

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