Coloring bangs: fashion experiments

The fastest, most convenient and effective way to change your hair style and style, create a new unique image with minimal costs and least stress for your hair - staining or coloring bangs.

Straight, oblique or torn bangs - it does not matter. The main thing is to choose the right color.

When staining bangs, you need to consider a few simple points: careful selection of hues to skin color, eyes, the basic tone of hair and the haircut model , unless you are surely going to change the image drastically.

Coloring bangs on short hair

Coloring will be an excellent solution if you need to revitalize and dilute a strict hairstyle. Especially spectacularly look creative and bright colors on dark hair and quads . However, such colors are more appropriate for young girls.

Staining bangs on blonde hair

The general rule for multi-color coloring of light hair: contrasting, relative to the primary color, but close in the palette of the tone.

Light hair is best suited for ashy, red and chestnut shades. Especially effective are combinations of chocolate and reddish shades.

Coloring bangs: fashionable colors

On dark hair, coloring is done in several stages: first you need to discolor strands , and then start to coloring.

Brunettes can be advised on a choice of red, plum and violet. Owners of red hair can afford the most daring colors, but it will be necessary to pre-discolor strands as well.

Fashionable ways of dyeing bangs

The stencil coloring looks good only on a perfectly smooth hairstyle. This kind of coloration, as a rule, is temporary: lightly washable dyes are used.

"Backlight" bangs: fashion effects

Transverse and longitudinal coloring for today remains the most popular. With its help it is easy to create a beautiful effect of burnt hair , give the bang an extra volume. The classic option - the transition from light-brown to dark-brown shades.

The highlight of the season was a two-color contrasting transverse coloring. The technique of staining is very complicated, therefore it is necessary to perform it only with the help of a specialist.

Neon coloring will effectively look at short and medium-length hair combined with creative staining.

Elongated, accented, with the help of coloring, bangs fit equally well to light, and to dark hair. With the help of special techniques, the effect of an art smear is achieved. At the same time, the main feature of coloring is highlighted - the glare that coincides with the main shade of hair. The elongated smooth bangs are especially good in combination with curly hair or wavy packing.

Effective coloring of bangs can become the main highlight of your image.

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