Long hair with a bangs

Long hair and bangs: designed for each other

When it comes to choosing what kind of bangs you should make, it is important to know three things - the shape of your face , the length of the hair and their type.

Choosing a bang in accordance with the shape of the face will give your image a completeness and help to hide the shortcomings and highlight the virtues. If you are the owner of long hair, then decide even easier: the main thing is to determine how to flatter your face type.

Long hair with long bangs

For girls with elongated faces, broad foreheads, bangs should be very simple in texture. Heavy, long bangs "cut off" excess space, hiding a high forehead .

Long hair and fringe-arc

A round bang in the shape of an arc looks fashionable with any hairdo. The bangs will smooth the rough features, make the image more feminine.

Semicircular bangs look particularly stylish in an elongated version.

Long hair with straight bangs

A straight fringe to the eyebrows and long hair is a classic option that fits almost any face shape.

Bang for long curly hair

Remember that curly long hair with a bang can be both an advantage and a disadvantage, as it is difficult to accurately lay them. If you have thin hair, use mousse and hairdryer with a nozzle to give them the necessary volume. Long and curly hair look very beautiful.

Long hair with a short bangs

Long, streaming hair on the shoulders - in themselves an excellent accessory, but if you do not do anything with them, sooner or later you will get bored with it. Add a short straight or torn bang to them and see how your look will change. But you did not even have to sacrifice precious centimeters!

Cascade for long hair with bangs

A long, bangs in the eye in addition to the "cascade" haircut? Complete the style with a bright color of hair. Definitely an "apple"!

Long hair with a graduated bangs

A straight, graduated bang perfectly suits both the fashionista and the modesty. Make a contrast on the hair cut unevenly - and the effect is provided.

The French pigtail, thrown over one shoulder, and the softening impression of a long bangs will look better if the hair is melted. Glare and overflow give the image a unique charm and completeness

Long hair with a fringe bangs

Classics - long, straight hair and bangs on one side - an option for those girls who know exactly what they need. Put them is very simple - just have iron at hand and give up heavy sprays.

A long, wavy bangs, combed sideways, looks perfect on girls with a square face. It will smooth the impression of straight lines.

Strip with elongation

A bang with elongation on the sides will decorate the face of any shape, make the image feminine and original.

Long hair and the shape of the bangs

The face in the shape of an oval looks good with any bells. Soft, airy strands of bangs, allotted slightly to the side, definitely you will go. They will merge with the rest of the hair, creating a single, holistic image. Avoid too heavy bangs that "pull" on themselves all the attention, covering their face.

If you are a long - haired, round - faced girl, then you will not get even, clear lines of bangs - they will make your face even broader. Light strands, uneven lines - that's what you need.

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