Thick Bangs

Fir - an element of the hairstyle, through which you can correct the flaws of the face . But with the wrong choice, it can spoil the appearance. Therefore it is important to know what type of person a thick bangs can fit, which can be long or short, and also rounded or straight. In this case, the density of this element of the hairstyle is formed due to a certain amount of hair layer diverging from the crown. By the line of the eyebrows or in the middle of the forehead, it breaks off suddenly.

Who fits a thick bangs

So, who will get a thick fringe? Most often it is used in shaping the image of brunettes and brown-haired women. It is not recommended for blondes to use it, because it is easy to get lost on hair of a light shade. A thick bang can visually reduce the face, so it is ideal for owners of a rectangular, elongated and oval face . But women with a broad face from this kind of bangs better to abstain.

For owners of thin hair, a thick bang is an excellent way to give a hairdo volume and splendor. Using it in hairstyles on long hair, you can give your image of sexuality. To the wearers of curly hair this element of the hair can be made thick and oblique.

Thick bangs: suitable makeup

In the presence of a thick bang, make-up should be ideal, but not discreet, as it draws attention to the eyes of its bearer. In this case, the following make-up is suitable:

- Clear designation of eyebrows;

- peeping the eyes with a pencil , through the use of thin lines of podvodki .

Stacking a thick bang

After washing the head should be followed by hair drying with a hair dryer. It is important to refrain from natural drying of hair, as this will complicate the laying of bangs.

For a hair dryer, you need to pick up the nozzle "nozzle" and turn it on a large power. For laying a thick bang, a paddle-shaped flat brush is used, with which the hair will be raised at the roots with a direct air stream directed to them. The hair moves to one side and is dried, then to the other side and dried again.

By means of horizontal selection, the bangs are divided into two parts. The upper layer is fixed with a barrette, and the bottom layer is to be laid by means of a hair dryer and a medium-sized round brush. Similarly, the outer top layer is laid. Then, using a wave-like brush, the hair is smoothed in different directions.

There is also a way of laying a thick bang on the side. But if it is shorter than the level of the eyebrows, then it is difficult to arrange the hair properly.

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