Slant bangs: create a stylish image

They say you want to change your life, start with your hair. How to choose a fashionable and stylish model of a bang to the face? In recent years, out of fashion do not go slanting bangs. It is always fresh and relevant.

But do not forget that this model is not suitable for everyone. To create a unique image, you do not need to consult a high-priced salon for admission to the rules:

Slanting bangs and face type

Cholka should be harmoniously combined with the type of person . With the help of it you can skilfully cover up your shortcomings, emphasize your dignity. Who has a wide or long nose is not recommended for short thick bangs, but the oblique oblique will distract attention perfectly, with a focus on the general outline of the nose.

It will be very to the face oblique bangs of medium length for the owners of a square , broad face. Using this model, the traits will become much more feminine. For those who are unsure of themselves, it is advisable to use a short bang . This model will psychologically give her insolence and a little arrogance.

2. The structure of the hair. For thick, long heavy hair, a variant of an elongated half-face of the oblique bangs is suitable. With vyuschimi hair can wear this model, while constantly pulling hair with a special iron. It will take a lot of effort, but than you will not sacrifice for the sake of achieving a stylish effect. For rare hair, it is desirable to use a short model.

3. Age. For women of age, a bang of medium length is suitable, in combination with the hair up to the shoulders. For stylish ladies with a young soul you can experiment with a short one in combination with a haircut.

For young girls, any option is suitable: long, short, multi-layered. Youth is all to the face, but you can achieve a negative effect. A short oblique bang emphasizes a large nose, highlight shortcomings.

Slanting bangs with a haircut "Bob"

Slanting bangs fit well with long and short hair. Very fashionable in this year's hairstyle is a classic bean . This is a short haircut with an asymmetrical long bang. This model is called "tom-boy".

Victoria Beckham's hairstyle called A-Bob has not lost its relevance. This square with a slanting bang of different lengths. From short models it is worth noting the popular in this season haircut of bob-fungus and a haircut like that of the legendary Mireille Mathieu but with an asymmetrical bang.

Short slanting bangs

Creates a bold, daring image. Suitable for girls with the right features.

Slanting bangs with a haircut "Cascade"

For long hair and medium length, an ordinary cascade is suitable. What will create a unique feminine image, will hide shortcomings.

Slanting bangs: hairstyles styling

How to care for the oblique broom? It is enough to have a good hairdryer with different nozzles, iron, a round comb, a varnish, a gel. For a short model, to emphasize the asymmetry, it is necessary to use a gel. To make the volume put the hair with a hair dryer and a round comb down. Twirled down, dried.

If you decide to use the oblique bangs option, do not forget that such a haircut requires a maximum of care. It can not be cut on its own, whipped, or started.

And the most important thing: that you do not build on your head better than beautiful, clean hair without split ends there is nothing. Only in combination with silky, bright hair, the slanting bangs will look stylish and fashionable.

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