Short bangs: stylish options

They say that in order for a girl to radically change her life, it's sometimes enough to change her hair. But only by creating the right image, with a suitable hairstyle, such changes will be useful and successful.

A short fringe will help create a new, stylish and unusual image. It is believed that the owners of this kind of brow are very developed feelings of style, they are easy to communicate, enjoyable and have an incredible charm.

Who fits a short bangs

One of the advantages of a short bang is that it can fit a woman of any age. With the shape of the face a little more difficult, because such a bang makes a serious focus on the eyes, so the best and best option for the shape of the face is square .

Straight short bangs

A straight short bang or with a slight bend can be tried for a triangular type of face, without forgetting that the bang makes a special emphasis on the eyes, making them wider, and the nose larger. From this type of hairstyle should be abandoned to girls with large cheekbones or a large forehead.

The most effective options are a short straight fringe with long black hair, it will give a little bit of charm and daring to the image, thereby demonstrating the character and beauty of the owner. The same kind of bangs only with blond hair will look opposite cute and fervently, causing others to be touched by the general image.

Ultra-short bangs

To create such a hairstyle, with a disobedient type of hair, will also not be the most successful decision.

Slanting ultrashort fringe

Decorate the girls with a round or slightly full face. Creates an original, rebel image.

Torn short bangs

This kind of bangs will look opposite cute and fervent, forcing the surrounding to be touched by the general image. For short hair, such a bang will give sexiness and personality, especially if the entire hairstyle is made in a "ragged" style, including the bangs itself, and if you add a thinning - you can expect an amazing result.

Short bangs with an angle

The most relevant in this season is an oblique short fringe, which is suitable for hair of any length. There are other types of it: straight, side, torn, streaked, each of which will create its own image.

Graduated short bangs

It is worth noting that such a bang enough young. Many famous stars create their own image with this hairdo, demonstrating their effectiveness and individuality.

Short bangs: bright accents

A fringe with melirovaniem fits individually to some types of women, who with the help of it can stand out and make the features of their face brighter and more expressive. All these types of bangs, will add to the girls vigor, beauty and individuality. It is worth noting that such a bang enough young. Many famous stars create their own image with this hairdo, demonstrating their effectiveness and individuality.

Making a short bang with a square or medium long hair, the image can not be radically changed, but it will clearly emphasize all the dignity of the face and look original, and most importantly - attractive.

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