Spit on the bangs. How to braid a bang

Beautifully braid bangs can even be myself, if a little practice. The braid will revive any hairstyle, make your image more romantic and feminine.


A braid instead of a hoop is a very fashionable idea, which celebrities and models often use.

Kosa Bohho

One of the stylish variants of weaving a bang is a scythe. It resembles a thin border, located along the edge of the bangs. She is usually weave on a long bang, asymmetrically going down. The plait boho allows you to soften rough features, gives the round and square type of face the right outlines. This is an excellent option for those who grow a bang.

The technique of braiding pigtails is very similar to the usual French braid. Divide the bangs into three small strands: the first strand should be made of bangs, the second add a little long hair, the third strand consists entirely of long hair. As we weave add strands of bangs and crown. The hair must be tight when weaving. You can fasten the pigtail with a hair clip. The braid looks like a braid on a bang with back hair.

The braid on the bang harmoniously combines with almost any hairdo.

Very stylishly it will look like a braid on a bang which smoothly interlaces in the basic hair and passes behind in "ponytail" or in packing "shell".

French spit

The French braid on the bangs looks no less relevant. Weave it on the bang will be more difficult. In the process of weaving, evenly add the strands from one side, then the other, tighten the hair.

There are many options for designing a French braid on a bang. It can be moved closer to the crown, or vice versa, as close as possible to the hair growth line on the forehead. If you like voluminous haircuts, or you have thin hair, pull the strands out of the braid lightly so that it becomes lush.

The spit on the bang "on the contrary"

This is a kind of French braid, in which strands intertwine with each other. As we weave, we add strands of bangs, and if necessary, then from the top of the head. More interesting is the spit "on the contrary", when it is elongated, long hair is woven into it.

Spit on the bang: creative options

Ideas for pigtails on a bang unlimited. You can make not one, but a few braids, or braid pigtails-flagella.

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