Round bangs: create a stylish image

Round bangs always cause an association with retro styles, especially with the fashion of the 70's. Among the reasons why this type of bang is very popular, there are two:

1. It helps to make the face more proportionate and softens the features. Especially perfect this type of bangs corrects round faces , hides a wide forehead and highlights the cheekbones.

2. Round bangs are easy to care for: when washing requires the use of conditioner or softening balms, and when styling the hair is only wound on the brush and dried.

Who is recommended round bangs?

It is not necessary to consider such a fragment of the hairdress universal, and therefore, suitable absolutely for any woman. A rounded bang can benefit the owner of a round face, if you make it not too thick. Well, if the barber makes it well thinned. This is a great way to correct the excessive roundness that makeup artists often use together with the creation of a broken eyebrow. The image of such a woman attracts mysteriousness and sexuality.

Round bangs also have the ability to smooth out sharp features in women with a triangular face . Broad cheekbones and pointed chin need a thick round bun. It is she who harmonizes the proportions of the face. But the shortcomings will be least noticeable if you give the broom a little asymmetry or lay it on one side.

Varieties of round bangs

This type has several of the most famous varieties:

1. Length to the eyebrows. The most famous variation, included in the list of ten fashionable bangs this year. Eyebrows are usually left open, but there is an option when the bangs with the lower edge practically affects the eyes, and the eyebrows are not visible at all.

2. Length to the middle of the forehead. This option necessarily requires covering your ears with your hair.

3. Version up to the middle of the face. Strands in this version sometimes fall almost to the very middle of the face. Lightly filirovka makes the face more elongated. This option requires constant twisting with a curling iron or curler . Requires a high level of fixation with mousse or foam.

4. The dropping version. These are thinned, unevenly trimmed strands, similar to feathers. Such an option to the edge of the face comes down with texture tips, and above the middle of the forehead it gradually rises.

Hairstyles with round bangs

1. Very good with such a complement of the hairstyle "quads" , especially graded.

2. Successfully complements this element of the haircut "Bob" , which was exquisitely worn by Mireille Mathieu.

3. Designers offer similar options to owners of long straight hair.

4. A popular type of frame for classic hairstyles for medium length hair.

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