Stripe of the ladder: fashion for femininity

There are so many haircuts in the world, so much bang. If this "accessory" is chosen correctly, it will not only make your image fashionable, but also the shortcomings of the person will cover. But how not to make a mistake with the choice?

If you are afraid to lose, make a bet on universality. For example, pay attention to the bang of a cascade, also known as a ladder. It comes to any person, emphasizes all the advantages of its owner, besides, it is easy to install.

How does a fringe look like a ladder?

The master cuts it out by laying a strand on a strand. A step effect is created. If in time to refresh the ends of hair of such a chelochka, it will look very cute and stylish.

Strip staircase perfectly "fits" in such haircuts, as: ladder, cascade, square, bean. However, even if your hair (short, medium or long) is just perfectly flat and not decorated in any particular haircut, you can create such a bang, making it your stylish chip.

Who fits a bang with a ladder?

It will fit any person and age. Masters are sure that such a bang successfully distracts attention from both youthful pimples and age wrinkles; In addition, it softens the face, and also rejuvenates it.

The owner of a round, square or rectangular face will go bangs with a ladder, taken away.

A girl with sharp features should "try on" a semicircular graded chelochku - it will soften the appearance.

A young lady with a large forehead will like a long thick cascading bang.

If you have light thin hair, make a cascading bang more voluminous with the help of meliroki or coloring in different tones.

How to style a cascade bang?

Treat the washed strands of the bang with foam or mousse. Comb them, wrapping the hedgehog inside. Dry the hair dryer - this "manipulation" will help to consolidate the "curl" created by you. Result: the maximum volume.

Apply a thermal spray on your hair. This will give you the opportunity to safely pull the bangs on its side with ironing. The result: a smooth "texture", ideal for office onions.

Apply the product for styling not only on the bangs, but on the entire hair as a whole. Having combed a long bang back, "dry" it in this position with a hair dryer, and then also fix it with varnish. Result: a few romantic locks, randomly falling on your face.

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