Strip with fleece

As they say: everything that has come new is a long forgotten old. Proof of this is the return of such popular napes a couple of decades ago, the harm of which was often spoken in the 60s. Modern fleece slightly differs from its predecessor. Now they do not hide their matted hair. On the contrary, a dashing bangs on one side or a powerful fleece, on which neatly lies a pair of strands - this will favorably favor you.

But remember that a bang with fleece is not for everyone. Categorically not suitable hairstyle with a fleece to those who have a narrow form of elongated face.

How correctly to make начес bangs?

1. Before you do the hair, you will need to wash your hair. Then brush well and blow dry or just let it dry completely. Under no circumstances can you do the back of your hair, it can seriously damage your hair, make it lifeless and brittle.

2. Take a small strand of hair from the bangs. Hold the tips of your fingers, pull it. And slowly brush down the comb, which has frequent prongs.

3. Combing is necessary only from top to bottom. The hairbrush should be taken out every time. Do not make sudden movements, so the comb gets tangled in the hair and entangles the hair itself.

4. Doing this procedure, brush all your next strands on your bang, stacking them according to your own design. Remember that you need to comb evenly, taking small strands. Otherwise, your styling will not last long.

5. To ensure that the bang just slightly raised and got the right size for you, scratch it on the same principle from the inside.

6. That the bangs well kept as it is possible longer, it is necessary to sprinkle slightly it with a varnish for hair or to process its special gel for packing directly before a fleece. Give the bang a suitable look until the varnish is still dry.

7. Add, if desired, your hair style with different ornaments : hair clips, ribbons, rims. This will give your hair a certain flavor.

8. It should be remembered that with each styling the hair is under severe stress, so wash off before bedtime all means of fixation and once a week make masks or wash them with various herbal infusions . This will help keep the hair healthy.

Strip with fleece: choose a hairstyle

Overcoat on a bang goes well with a "horse tail" hairstyle, complex designer hairstyles or straight long hair. Correctly combed bangs will create a unique image. You can become anyone, from an innocent angel to a female vamp. Do not be afraid to experiment, change and admire the people around you.

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