Ragged bangs: create a stylish image

In the coming season, however, as in the previous one, at the peak of popularity there are hairstyles with a tattered bangs. There is nothing surprising. Why? Yes, simply because it's really stylish, beautiful, practical and, among other things, it fits any length of hair.

But, nevertheless, to whom such a bangs fit? Stylists say that it suits the owners of almost any type of person , the main thing is to choose the right length and density of that. But first things first.

Ragged bangs: fashionable styles

Long torn bangs

Long torn bangs - the perfect solution for all types of face, it equally well suited to a square, round and oval face. In addition, it does not require careful and tedious laying - you can simply comb and straighten the hair iron .

Asymmetrical torn bangs

This style looks good with any form of face. But, nevertheless, most of all such bangs are suitable for owners of a rectangular and rounded face with a high forehead. Whether your hair is curled or not, it does not matter, and the length of the whole hairstyle is not as important either - it can be a long braid, a naughty bob or a fashionable pixie .

Short torn bangs

Short torn bangs - this type should be preferred if you are the owner of not too large and soft features. It is this kind of mischievous and youthful, carefree haircut that not only allows you to look much younger than it really is, but will also give your image a considerable amount of sexuality.

Short haircut with a torn bangs

With short hair, the longest fringe looks the most spectacular. This type is suitable for oval, round and triangular faces. But, if you have curly hair, you will have to use a regular styler, otherwise you will look just comical.

Straight Torn Fringe

If you have a cascading , torn haircut or square, plus all of you are the owner of a high forehead or an elongated face, - what you need is a straight ragged bang. Visually, it slightly "rounds" your face and focuses on the expressiveness of the eyes.

Slanting torn bangs

Slanting torn bangs - the most daring and creative type, which is ideal for thin and thick hair. The slanting bang adjusts the face, hides the shortcomings, accentuating the general attention on the eyes.

Ragged bangs and long hair

Ragged bangs with long hair fits almost everything, except for the owners of curly hair. By the way, this type is the most popular among young people.

And, at last: the torn milled bang fits absolutely for any age, it not only creates an additional volume, but also makes a woman younger. And who does not want to be beautiful, stylish and young?

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