Fringe on two sides: fashionable images

If a straight, even bang makes its owner strict and business, then bangs on two sides adds immediately to the image of 100 points of femininity, softening even the most restrained office bow.

Put the front strands in the sides can be in any medium or long haircut. The main thing is that the hair is not shorter than the chin. Especially fashionable it will look with a multi-level, cascading haircut - so it not only gives an image of romance, but also emphasizes complex laying.

The main advantage of the bang is its versatility: today you divide it, tomorrow you clean it entirely to the right or to the left, after a day you pull it down, and in two - completely remove it upward, fixing it with a barrette or removing the ends of the hair in the French braid.

If you are tired of the old classic bangs and you wanted to grow it, you can temporarily divide it into sides. This fashionable laying will allow you to create an actual youth image.

Who will go bangs on two sides?

Since the bangs, laid on two sides, corrects the face, it is often chosen:

The owner of an elongated face (bangs him shortens, narrowing his forehead). Stylists say that for such a person it will go even better than a thick and even bang, considered now fashionable.

Chubby girls (provided that the tips of the strands touch the chin - so they also "camouflage" the cheeks).

Girls with a heart-shaped face (such girls often have an uneven line of hair growth over the face, her bangs smooth, and moreover, she makes the proportions of the face more even).

Not bad, it will look and on the oval face. But if something does not suit you in itself (for example, a very noticeable spout), do another haircut - a bifurcated bang will only emphasize your shortcomings.

As for the owners of a square face, they have such a fringe contraindicated - it makes the jaw harder.

How to lay bangs on two sides?

The bang with a parting is formed as follows:

it is necessary to form a parting in the center of all hair after washing the head,

dry the halves of hair in turn with a hair dryer, twisting the tips of the comb of the comb "hedgehog", slightly curl them in the direction of the temples (instead of such a brush you can take a ploy)

sprinkle the ends of the bangs lacquer, so as not to lose shape.

It is very important not to overdo with the spray, because the "poured" hair looks stuck together, unnatural and sloppy.

During the laying, it is possible to curl not only the locks near the forehead, but also the entire head of hair, one by one, or the entire heap of hair at a time.

This laying can be done if you have a slanting bang (with any hair - both long and short).

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