How to Arrange the Bangs

Styling of hair and bangs always begins with a washing of a head , hair should be pure. To stitch a bang turned out beautiful, it is better to do it in two stages. It is necessary to divide the bangs into two parts, one to pin it with an invisible or a hair clip to the head, and the remaining part to dry the hair dryer with winding movements with the help of a round comb. After the first part is dried and laid, release the second strand of bangs, and wind all the bangs inwards on the comb. Gently lift the hair at the roots. The bangs will be smooth, smooth, shiny with the ends of hair slightly twisted inward. Thanks to this styling, the bangs will become bulky and will keep the shape well.

How to Arrange a Straight Bang

Straight bangs are ideal for women with an oval face shape . A straight fringe clearly emphasizes the eyes, cheeks and nose. Girls with a square chin and large nose are advised to avoid straight bangs. A straight fringe is very beautiful and naturally looks with straight hair, but if the hair is curling, the bangs can be straightened with the help of a rectifier balm and a hair dryer. There are varieties of bangs that completely cover the eyebrows line, and there are options that completely open the eyebrows, bangs can be laid on one side or done nap and stab back.

How to pack a short bang

A short fringe perfectly accentuates the eyes and is well suited to the owners of a square face. Girls with wide cheekbones and a high forehead should better abstain from a short bang. A short fringe can easily freshen up and make a fashionable and modern most ordinary hairstyle. Beautiful eyebrows and eyes become even more expressive with a short bangs. Styling begins with a wash of the head. Use hair styling products to make it perfectly smooth and straight. A short bangs to wind, do not, it needs to be aligned and, as it were, to smooth a modeling comb and a hair dryer to the forehead. All hairs should be perfectly even and not stick out from the sides.

How to lay a slanting bang

The slanting fringe fits girls with an oval and round face. A slanting long bang makes an emphasis on the lips. This fringe perfectly fits in a variety of ways. As usual, the styling starts with washing your hair. For styling bangs use hair styling products, foams, gels, mousses. To dry a hairdryer with a bang, you need to direct the jet of air from top to bottom, laying it so that the hair does not get into your eyes. The hair should be smooth and shiny. And if the slanting bang is short, then you can add insolence, ruffling her fingers and blow dry with a hairdryer.

If desired, bangs can always be hidden in many ways. You can pinch with hair clips, first apply a varnish on a strand of hair and comb the comb back, pin it with the invisibility crosswise. Perfectly look on the hair different rims, hoops. A short bang can be braided into a braid , which will go along the forehead, along the hairline and act as a rim. The bang still looks great if she is stabbed on her side giving her a beautiful shape. If the hair is curly, then the bangs can be curled and make it the same as all the curls.

To the hair does not look sticky and dirty do not overdo the gels, lacquers and mousses for the hair.

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