Chocolate for hair

Chocolate is not only a very tasty and nutritious product, but also very useful for health. Its medicinal properties are used in chocolate wraps , improving the skin condition in cellulite, in the manufacture of masks and facial scrubs. There are even chocolate diets that help to get rid of excess weight perfectly.

Along with all of the above, it turns out, this sweet product can be used as an excellent cosmetic to improve the condition of the hair. This is possible due to the high content of caffeine, which contributes to the activation of circulatory processes, which increases the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles, and speeds up the exchange processes.

Chocolate shows high efficiency in the presence of dull, weakened and damaged hair , high fat content and split ends . Regular application of chocolate masks perfectly nourishes locks and restores their structure, which, in turn, prevents their loss and stimulates growth, dries fatty strands and, on the contrary, moisturizes dry ends. As a result, the hair becomes smooth, thick and silky and acquires a fantastic natural shine .

Masks made of chocolate are recommended to be used 1-2 times a week. You can successfully combine them, for example, with chocolate face masks or baths for the body. At the same time, the following features should be taken into account: first, hair care is given priority to dark and bitter chocolate with the highest content of cocoa and, secondly, blondes who want to retain their hair color, these masks are undesirable because chocolate gives strands dark shades. Although you can try to replace dark chocolate with white, but the benefit from this mask will be less, due to the minimum content of cocoa. Also need to abandon the chocolate masks in the presence of allergic reactions to cocoa and chocolate.

Recipes of the most popular masks for hair from chocolate:

1. Moisturizing and nourishing mask of chocolate, banana, honey and milk

Take 5-6 pieces of chocolate, 1 banana, 2 tablespoons. honey and 2-3 tablespoons. milk. Banana is well kneaded and grinded in a blender to a mushy state. Chocolate melt in a water bath and add honey and banana puree. Mix well until a uniform mass is formed. If its consistency is similar to sour cream, then it is not necessary to add milk, but if the mass is too thick, then it needs to be diluted with warm milk. The resulting mixture is applied to dry hair, from above wrapped with cellophane bag and warmed with a towel. After 1 hour, wash the head thoroughly with warm water and shampoo. This mask perfectly nourishes and gives a healthy shine to hair of any type.

2. Mask of chocolate, olive oil and yolks for dry and weakened hair

100 g of chocolate melt in a water bath. Add to it 1 tbsp. olive oil and 2 egg yolks. Thoroughly mix the ingredients and apply a mask to the hair and scalp with soft, massaging finger movements. Top with a cellophane wrap or put on a bathing cap and warmed with a towel. After 1.5-2 hours, rinse with warm water and shampoo.

3. Vitamin mask of chocolate against hair loss and split ends

4-5 chocolate slices melt in a water bath and add to it 2 capsules of liquid vitamin E and 2 tablespoons each. milk and olive oil . Stir thoroughly and rub the resulting composition into the roots of the hair and scalp with gentle movements. Top the plastic bag or cap and warm it with a towel. After 40-60 minutes, wash the mask off the hair with warm water and shampoo.

4. Mask for dry hair from chocolate and yogurt

Melt 3 slices of chocolate, then add to it and mix slightly more than half a glass of natural yogurt without additives and 2 tsp. honey. Apply the composition smooth movements of the fingers, neatly distributing the entire length of the hair. Top the polyethylene and wrap it with a towel. After an hour, wash off the mask with warm water with shampoo and balm .

5. Mask against hair loss based on cocoa powder

In hot milk, dilute the cocoa powder to the consistency of sour cream. Separately grind 1 egg yolk into 50 g cognac. The resulting mixture is added to the cocoa and mixed. Apply the mask on the hair and scalp, top with a polyethylene hat and warm it with a towel. After half an hour, wash the hair with warm water.

6. Nourishing mask for any type of hair based on cocoa butter

Melt on a water bath a mixture of 1 tbsp. oils of cocoa, jojoba and wheat germ and add 1 yolk to them. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the roots of the hair and scalp. Top with a polyethylene hat and warm the head with a towel. After an hour wash off with warm water.

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