Beautiful hairstyles at home

New Year's Hairstyle - 2018

The coming year of the Yellow Dog defines a bright style in hairstyles and accessories. To please Dog, try to create a hairstyle in accordance with her temper ...

Business hairstyle for medium hair: a master class

A beautiful hairstyle in business style is the business card of your business. Step-by-step master class will help to create a stylish hairstyle for the office quickly and easily.

Fashionable half-bouquet: options

Hairstyle "Half-bun" takes the leading places on the podiums and red carpet. Despite its simplicity, the hairstyle allows for a lot of creative experiments.

"Heart from braids": photo

Hairstyle The heart is extremely elegant, very effective, original, and also versatile, as it can decorate not only the head of a pretty girl, but also a mature, stylish woman.

Greek hairstyle with a bandage: photo

Greek hair looks chic in any situation. They are suitable for women of any age and favorably emphasize the oval face.

Hairstyle "French waterfall", photo

Hairstyle "French waterfall" is named so thanks to the flowing on the back released strands, and in fact reminding playful jets of the waterfall.

Hairstyle "Basket"

Here already which season one of the most popular hairstyles remains a braid basket. It is based on the French braid, which fits around the head and looks like a wicker basket.

Hairstyle "Bant" from the hair

Do you like being feminine and constantly in the spotlight? So, the haircut "Bant of Hair" - this is exactly what must certainly adorn your head! By the way, this stylish hairstyle does not require any accessories, and it's easy.

Hairstyle "Rose"

Romantic hairstyle of a rose will become a fashionable addition to any image and it will be appropriate in any situation, but it is especially popular with brides. Create such a rose from the hair in several ways, the simplest of them - the basis of the braid.

"Cone" of long and medium hair

This simple and uncomplicated hairstyle is convenient for its versatility. She will equally be welcome in a restaurant or office, at a business meeting or wedding ceremony.

Bitter: fashion options

A simple, but at the same time fashionable hairdo that is suitable for both medium and long hair, has now become very popular due to the practicality and speed of the styling.

Hairstyle "Shell"

The name of her hair was received because of the use of a roller of a special shape, slightly reminiscent of this marine object. Some women of fashion call her also a French bunch.

Hairstyle "Bunch": fashion options, photo

A bunch of hair is a classic of fashion that has survived to our times since antiquity. A modern fashionable bunch is careless ringlets.

Hairstyle "Locks": how to wind fashionable curls

Probably, there will not be a single girl who has never "tried" on herself one of the many hairstyles with the application of curls.

Hairstyle "Spit on the bang" with my own hands, photo

Beautifully braid bangs can even be at home, if a little practice. Косичка will revive any hairdress.

Hairstyle "Tail" and its variants

The main advantage of this type of hairstyle is that they look equally good at women of any age. The hair pulled back and an open face make the image more fresh.

Hairstyle "Wreath"

The "Crown" hairstyle is simple in styling, does not take much and will not make you sit near the mirror the beaten hour of time (which is especially important if you are in a hurry to work or work). Such an image will make you brighter and more interesting.

Hairstyles for long hair

A fashionable hairstyle for each day should not so much be in the fashion theme, how much to emphasize the beauty of a woman, to be comfortable in everyday life and work. A hairstyle can create an incredible miracle with a woman.

Hairstyles for medium hair

Hair of medium length is preferred by most women. After all, it is convenient, practical, and at the same time very feminine. The average length of hair allows you to create a huge number of new unique images.

Define the face oval. Your perfect hairstyle

To choose a hairstyle that intelligently emphasizes the details of your image and determines a bright and unforgettable image, you need to be weighed and guided by a number of factors. First of all, pay attention to the shape of the face.

How to disguise the high forehead

A high forehead is more a virtue than a disadvantage. They can be proud of such celebrities as Kate Winslet, Sarah Jessica Parker and many others, as this is an indicator of high intellectual abilities. However, to balance the facial features ...

Which hair style is right for you?

With the help of a properly selected hairstyle, you can hide the imperfections of the face and become even more attractive. There are five main types of face: oval, triangular, square, rectangular and round. Determine the type of your face.

How to make a hairstyle Gofre "

Gofre is small or large, looks like ordinary chemistry. They can arrange individual strands or completely curl all the hair. And with the help of additional attachments with corrugated patterns in the form of hearts, butterflies or flowers.

"Setochka" of hair

Setochka (or, as it is also called chain mail) is a well-proven trend in modern hairdressing. As a rule, her make-up artists offer even young men with long hair.

Hairstyle "Crown"

Especially popular among women of fashion wear a crown. It is perfect for creating an original romantic image that will be appropriate for a date or a trip to the theater.

Fashionable "Babette"

There is nothing more elegant and bold at the same time than a magnificent fleece in combination with an open neck and shoulder line, giving the image of a woman an inimitable fragility and zest, charm and style.

Hairstyle "Fishtail"

"Fish tail" hairstyle braids quite quickly, besides - it's easy, so it's not just an adult lady or a high school student, but any schoolgirl who can create such a miracle. In addition, with the help of this pigtail you can create many ...

Hairstyle "Hat" of hair

Tiny hats made of hair are obtained interesting, unusual, and, of course, a provocative youth example of a hairstyle for a holiday. So the hairstyle of a hair hat deserves the attention of all the girls.

Hairstyles with roller

For several seasons in a row, the most striking trend in the world of hairdressing art is hairstyles with a roller. However, there is nothing surprising or accidental in this - such styling has the advantage.

Evening hairdo "Diadem"

Diadem is an excellent solution for creating almost any image: romantic, wedding, classic or even extravagant. As a rule, such an accessory serves as a decoration for a finished hairstyle.

Hairstyles with shaved temples

Bright, bold and unusual images are always in the spotlight. This image can be created with the help of a hairstyle with shaved temples, which is very popular, including among the stars

Hairstyles with rim

Among young girls are very popular hairstyles with rim, as well as elastic bands. This successful accessory also serves as a "muse" for some famous designers. So this is not only a convenient tool that can remove hair from the forehead, but also a beautiful detail.

Trendy hairstyles with harnesses

Hair harnesses are a fashion trend of recent seasons. The popularity of such a hairstyle is explained, first of all, by its universality. The plaits can be weaved on any type of hair: long or short, as well as straight or curly.

Hair ornaments

Hair jewelry can play a huge role in the image of a woman. Today, at the height of popularity, there are hoops, ribbons, wreaths, shiny hairpins with crystals, artificial flowers.

Flower of hair

Hairstyle "Flower" looks very feminine and romantic. Stylists are sure that she will decorate a girl with any type of face and approaches any one along.