Shielding of hair

Shining healthy hair is an indispensable attribute of a well-groomed woman. Perfect appearance is created not only with the help of festive attire, but also the condition of the hair. And if the decoration of nails or an unusual dress can give idleness to the appearance, then the overdried, damaged, tired of harmful cosmetic hair can not be hidden even under professional styling.

In fact, to give the hair a healthy, healthy appearance, it is possible to restore previously lost shine in a short time and at home. It is only necessary to resort to a relatively new procedure for improving the structure of hair - screening.

What is hair screening?

It is unlikely that a couple of procedures will completely restore the hair exhausted by constant thermal exposure and chemical salon manipulation. And make them well-groomed, significantly reduce the puff and give a bright beautiful shine completely. That is why the screening procedure is also called "shining", after which the hairs actually get a shining look.

Shining - the process of influencing curls in order not only to improve their condition externally, but to improve from the inside, to saturate the hair follicles with "proper nutrition" and create a protective "screen" around each hair, which additionally gives a characteristic gloss.

The use of screening for hair

The main function of screening is to allow oxygen to flow easily to the hair shafts, while protecting them from influence:

- ultraviolet radiation;

- scorching sunlight and thermal impact of the technique for styling;

- poor-quality hard water that contains salts;

- chemical coloring agents.

What is the difference between shielding and lamination

Unlike lamination, which only externally affects the hair, shining restores the hair on the cellular level, makes the hair strong and healthy.

In the final result, locks acquire:

1. Smooth texture, soft to the touch.

2. "Sealed" tips and no split hair.

3. 3D-shine and shine.

4. Magnificent volume.

5. Easy combing and compliance in modeling.

We do shining at home

In order not to leave home to restore the weakened, split, thin hair with the help of Shine-procedure, you will need:

- shampoo, corresponding to the type of hair;

- vitaminized nutrient mixture for the restoration of strands;

- burdock or coconut oil;

- cap for water procedures;

- a towel or a warm headdress.

Obtaining the expected result in home hair screening is possible only with the strict implementation of certain actions.

1. Clean hair with a suitable type of shampoo. Gently wring out the curls with a towel and dry it a little until it is wet.

2. Connect the nutrient mask to the oil and apply the resulting composition to the hair, avoiding the roots.

3. Put on the cap for water procedures and warm your hair with a hairdryer.

4. Put on a headdress or use a towel, wrapping it around your head.

5. After half an hour diligently rinse the curls with warm water without the use of auxiliaries.

These manipulations can surprise at the first attempt. Brilliant elastic strands are clearly thicker and heavier. Several procedures are enough to "look great" at the New Year's event.

Contraindications of screening

Despite the obvious advantages and stunning result of the procedure, shining has contraindications, which include:

- excessive fat content of hair;

- irreversible loss of strands;

- individual intolerance to the components of the medicinal composition;

- mechanical damage to the scalp;

- fungal skin diseases.

Screening is a newfangled procedure, for which accumulative qualities are characteristic. This means that after each manipulation the curls will be stronger and healthier!

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