Types and forms of bob

The fringe will never go out of fashion. They give the hair a young, flirtatious look. However, in order to properly emphasize the proportions of your face, you must pay special attention to the choice of the shape of the bangs.

Fashionable bang variants:

Choose a fringe according to the shape of the face

Slanting bangs

The slanting fringe harmoniously looks on the girls with a square or rectangular shape of the face.

Using a long oblique bangs, you can balance the proportions of the face of the girls with a square, oval and round shape.

The oblique shape of the bangs looks great on both long and short hair. Contraindications to wearing such a bang only among the owners of curly hair, as it will need to be constantly adjusted.

The oblique fringe looks beautiful only when it is smooth and shiny, has a neat, precise cut line. It is not recommended to beat it, comb it and cut it yourself.


Semicircular fringe-arc is a stylish and fashionable trend. She makes the face more feminine, softens facial features. The classic look of a bang in the shape of an arch will suit women with an oval or triangular face. It will help balance the proportions of the face, soften the angularity.

Straight long bangs

The long straight form of the bangs is now at the peak of fashion. In fashion, thick bangs, covering the eyebrows. To create a stylish image, you can shade individual strands of bangs in several shades. It is better not to file a long bang: the clearer the line, the more careful your image will be. It is very fashionable to pin a long bang on the sides with the help of bright hairpins and accessories.

Short bangs: options

A very short graduated bang is suitable for girls with a round face . In principle, this is the only form of bangs that chubby girls can afford. With a sharply prominent chin, it is desirable to wear a straight line of bangs, which will help visually balance the proportions of the face.

The "torn" fringe

Ragged bangs help create a creative, dynamic image. It can be either long or short, suitable for any haircut. It can correct any deficiency on the face, and also make it younger by hiding small wrinkles.

Layered bangs

Multilayered bangs always look stylish. It draws attention to the eyes, it blends well with color and streaked hair.

Other fashionable bangs:

Triangular bangs

Graduated bangs

Cheka "Heart"

Asymmetric bangs

Bang on two sides

With elongation at the sides

Bang strap

Strip from the top of the head

Bangs angled

Double bangs

How to choose a bang form?

The fashion for bangs changes every year. However, when choosing the shape of a bang, fashion should not play a decisive role. In order for a bang to successfully complement your image, you need to consider the following parameters: face shape , haircut and color, structure and general condition of the hair.

Stylists believe that the bangs look better on girls with an oval and elongated face, and it is better to give up chubby from bangs. With the help of a properly selected bang, you can make the eyes more expressive, "wrong bangs" - on the contrary, can highlight shortcomings. Today we will consider for which face shape a short, long, graded bang model is preferred.

With an oval face shape, the ideal shape of the bangs is considered to be a model up to the eyebrows or slightly lower.

However, for the oval face of a bang any is suitable. It is this form of face that is considered to be the standard, other forms of face seek to approach it. The length and thickness of the bangs can be any: up to the eyebrows, long, short, thinned, thick.

The oval face can also be decorated with a long slanting bangs. To create a business image, a classic bangs - in the form of an arc - will do. Girls with an oval face can even decide on a more extreme image and make a short bangs-hedgehog almost "under the root."

Girls with an elongated face are advised to wear long straight or graduated bangs. Such bangs visually expand the face, counterbalance its proportions.

If your forehead is too high, a long straight bang will do. You can also make a long graduated bang, and lay it on the sides of the face.

In order to balance the proportions of a square face and slightly narrow it, choose an asymmetrical bang shape. The most fashionable in this season - a long slant bangs.

For girls with a square face shape also a short straight form of bangs. So you round off a little and reduce the face. In addition, this is a great way to focus on the eyes.

For the heart-shaped form of the face, a sparse bang in the shape of an arc will look perfect. An arch bang will look very natural and soften angular features.

Owners of curly hair to care for bangs is not easy. If you still decided to cut your fringe, make sure that it always kept the desired shape. In this case, it is necessary to use the means for straightening the hair. When laying soft hair, you can pull the bang flat iron straightener.

Women with a small face or small features better to abandon fashionable long bangs. They will make your face even smaller. In this case, it is better to choose a short bang with torn edges.

In order to visually expand the narrow face, make a thick, broad bang, from ear to ear.

Heavy chin helps to balance a rare bang, which is gradually mixed with the bulk of the hair.

If it is necessary to visually reduce the wide cheekbones and soften the rectangular shape of the face, choose a long rare bang.

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