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Fashionable haircuts - 2017-2018

Fashionable haircuts continue to please us with innovation and variety. Classical haircuts are complemented by asymmetry, filing.

Fashionable hairstyles - 2018

The upcoming fashion season - 2018 promises to be bright. The most actual hairstyles will be careless laying in the style of Boho.

How to wash hair properly

Not many people think that washing hair is a rather delicate procedure. Wrong choice of shampoo, hard or too hot water can harm the hair, they lose their luster and attractiveness.

Peeling scalp. Home masks for hair cleansing

Clean head skin is the guarantee of healthy, beautiful hair. Dust, dirt, dead skin cells block the flow of oxygen to the hair bulbs, this causes loss, dandruff and other misfortunes.

Combing your hair: how to do it right

Our hair needs constant care. Combing is one of the mandatory daily routines that helps to only maintain a well-groomed look of the hair, but also strengthens their health. Proper combing will provide a good head massage, which improves blood circulation, promotes growth and strengthening of hair.

The better to rinse hair: homemade recipes

Than to wash out hair after washing that they became obedient, healthy and shining? Home rinsers contain only natural ingredients. They can be used by everyone without restriction.

How to choose the right shampoo. Types of shampoos. Bezsulfate shampoos

Choosing shampoo is an individual process, so the advice of a girlfriend here can not help. The correct shampoo, selected according to your type of hair - the first step on the way to healthy beautiful hair.

Hydrolytes for hair: a living elixir. Therapeutic properties of hydrolates

Hydrolytes are often called living water for hair, they can replace the conditioner or an escape mask. Hydrolates contain the beneficial properties of plants, so they have healing properties.

Aroma hair for strengthening hair

Essential oils are natural hair care assistants. In addition to the delicious aromas, they give hair strength, energy, strengthen the roots and accelerate growth.

Hair conditioner: what is needed, how to use

Smooth, shiny hair is not always given by nature. Often, after washing our hair, we face a lot of problems when laying: the hair becomes tangled, spoiled, dull. Using an air conditioner will help to solve "head problems" instantly.

Recipes of home shampoo for growth and strengthening of hair

Many girls know that shampoo, bought in the store, contains a lot of chemical elements, dangerous to the health of hair. The situation can correct the old forgotten grandmother's recipes, with which you can improve weakened hair after synthetic makeup.

Home hair balm: recipes

Secrets of brilliant, beautiful hair, many prefer to be kept secret. You can give your hair a well-groomed look not only with the help of expensive cosmetics. Let's turn to nature for help - natural balms for hair sometimes work wonders ...

How to achieve shine hair: folk remedies

A dazzling glitter of hair is the real weapon of a beautiful woman. It should be remembered that hair shines when they have a healthy, smoothed structure. Align the structure of the hair will help natural hair rinses, which are easy to prepare from medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables.

Egg shampoo for growth and shine of hair: a recipe

A huge supply of proteins and micronutrients for our hair is found in ordinary chicken eggs. Eggs have been used in cosmetology since ancient times. Recipes of egg shampoos and balms for strengthening, growth and shine of hair, we remembered in this article ...

Home Masks for Hair Care

To look after hair is simple enough and at home. With the help of simple tools available to any hostess, we can arrange real SPA treatments, no worse than in expensive salons. Recipes of home masks for all types of hair.

Natural Hair Conditioners: Home Recipes

Rinsing hair is necessary after every wash - for shine, beauty and health. If you are ready for experiments, and in the struggle for beauty go to all - you note the natural beauty recipes that contain exclusively natural ingredients ...

Tinted balm: change the image in 5 minutes!

Tinted balm will quickly change the shade of the hair, without damaging their structure. Thanks to the fact that the balm can be washed off completely several times, you can safely experiment with shades and "look for yourself." A modern palette of shades of balsams pleases its diversity ...

Choose a conditioner for hair. What is the conditioner for, how to use it properly?

Hair after washing need protection. With the help of a conditioner for hair, you can give the curls a shine, extra volume, prevent tangling, make it easier to comb. A natural rinse aid can be prepared at home ...

Choose a balm by the type of hair. How to use balsam

Hair balms are developed for the treatment, nutrition and restoration of damaged curls. After using the balm hair looks well-groomed, easy to fit into the hair. Balsam needs all types of hair, especially dry, dull and damaged.

Healing shampoo with his hands. We add oils and vitamins in shampoo

The usual shampoo can be turned into a medical product for hair care for a few minutes. With the help of essential oils, fat-soluble vitamins and herbal extracts, shampoo will acquire medicinal properties and cope with many hair problems - dandruff, fragility, dryness, etc.

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