Treatment and restoration of hair

Pharmaceutical preparations for hair growth and strengthening: a catalog of medicinal properties

Each fashionista should have in her first-aid kit some inexpensive means that will help restore damaged hair, give them strength and shine, stop falling out.

Hair treatment in the salon: popular procedures

When the hair looks dull and hopeless, it's time to turn to a professional. Modern cosmetology allows you to restore hair and achieve a mirror shine after the first procedure.

Hair after summer: save, restore, treat

Carried away by a beautiful tan and a gentle sea, we often forget to protect our hair from the aggressive effects of UV rays and salt. As a result, your locks need urgent help!

We treat split ends

Beauty hairstyles often spoil the split ends of the hair. Seen hair changes its color, becomes brittle, dull and lifeless. Not many people like the radical way of treatment - scissors. Is it possible to correct the situation with the help of medical cosmetics and masks?

Dry, brittle hair. Care for over-dried hair

Overdried hair is the result of improper care for them. Staining, hot styling can instantly spoil even healthy thick curls. Beauty hairstyle will help restore intense moisturizing and gentle care.

Damaged hair: how to fix the problem

In pursuit of fashionable shades of hair, we often forget about their health. And only after the next painting, when the lifeless shock of hair does not fit into any hairstyle, we remember about the means of intensive hair restoration.

Hair restoration after dyeing and perm

Painting hair, even the most expensive paint, we destroy their structure. Damaged hair looks sloppy, do not fit well in your hair. To restore the vitality of the hair will help modern nourishing serums or long-forgotten grandmother's recipes.

Treatment of scalp

The condition of the hair largely depends on the health of the scalp. With poor blood circulation and nutrition, such problems as increased fat content of hair, itching, dandruff can develop. The scalp needs proper care.

Treatment of hair loss after childbirth

Many women notice that during pregnancy, the hair becomes much thicker and stronger. But immediately after childbirth, the head of hear begins to rapidly thin out. What is dangerous and worth worrying about?

how to give hair shine

Hair treatment at home

Glossy shine of hair is an expensive decoration for a well-groomed woman. It should be remembered that the hair is beautiful only if it is healthy. Damaged locks spoil the whole image, so the situation is corrected immediately.

Causes of hair loss

Hair loss for women is just a disaster. After all, if the hair becomes rare, you will have to buy a wig. The causes of hair loss can be associated with serious disorders in Oranizm. It is very important to find them in time ...

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