Healing oils for hair

Jojoba oil for hair: composition, medicinal properties

Jojoba oil is a valuable source of amino acids, vitamins and minerals useful to the body. One of its main features is the huge content of vitamin E, which is a natural antioxidant.

Essential oils for hair: how to apply, properties

Essential oils can penetrate deeply into the skin and hair, so they have learned to apply them for quite some time. This is a noble remedy that can quickly help get rid of many problems with hair.

Castor oil for hair treatment

Due to its medicinal qualities, castor oil extracted from castor oil helps to strengthen hair follicles, activates hair growth, fights with peeling and dry skin of the scalp, gives strength.

Coconut oil for shine and nourishment of hair

Unique properties of coconut oil for hair have already been used in cosmetology in the times of Ancient Egypt and Queen Cleopatra. Everyone and to this day is surprised by the luxurious head of girls of tropical latitudes.

Olive oil: composition, beneficial properties for hair

Olive oil for hair is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids. Thanks to the content in it of a large amount of vegetable protein, protein and lecithin, which build the structure of hair by "bricks", promote the regeneration of cells.

Burdock oil for growth and strengthening of hair

Burdock oil is a valuable source of vitamins A, PP, C, E, essential oils, unsaturated fatty acids, proteins and such useful micronutrients. Oil thistles effectively helps with hair loss, improves their growth, nourishes the roots of hair, heals dandruff.

Flax oil for hair: properties

The healing properties of flaxseed oil are used in folk medicine and in cosmetology. Flaxseed oil is known for its high content of vitamins A, E, F and Group B, which strengthen the roots of hair and scalp.

Oils-stimulators of hair growth. Mask Recipes

In order to preserve the health of hair, given to us by nature, it is necessary to give them full nutrition and protection. The best natural stimulants for hair growth are vegetable oils. They contain a huge amount of vitamins

Argan oil: useful properties for hair, masks

Natural argan oil for hair is a valuable find for every hair. Healing effects are achieved through a balanced content of nutrients in the oil.

Sea-buckthorn oil: homemade recipes

The benefits and medicinal properties of sea-buckthorn oil were known even in ancient times. The oil of sea-buckthorn berries perfectly helps to get rid of dandruff, itching, irritation on the skin.

Almond oil: moisturizing and hair restoration

Due to the high content of vitamin A, almond oil moisturizes every hair, and also fights with the tips of the tips.

Cinnamon oil for hair growth

For many, this spice is familiar in cooking - cinnamon is added to coffee and buns. Meanwhile, this offspring of evergreen tropical trees also gives us valuable essential oil.

Dry hair oil: benefits

Dry oil quickly absorbs and does not make your hair heavier. If your hair is prone to fat, or simply do not have enough time to mess with your home masks.

Peach oil for hair restoration

Peach oil is the first assistant for dry and brittle hair. It will also cope with curls, tainted by chemical wave or discoloration. The oil is rich in vitamins.

Shea Butter (or Karita): recipes for hair from Africa

The shea shi will serve your hair as a moisturizer. In addition, it is a whole set of necessary vitamins to strengthen and grow hair.

Amla oil: Ayurveda hair treatment

Amla is Indian gooseberry, which is used in cosmetology due to the huge content of vitamin C. Amla will strengthen the roots of the hair.

Mustard oil against loss

Mustard oil is the strongest growth stimulant. It revitalizes blood circulation, nourishes locks with necessary vitamins, gives shine.

Macadamia oil: food without weighting

Macadamia nuts are a storehouse of vitamin B, which will help restore curls after staining and curling. Oil nourishes and moisturizes curls.

Wheat germ oil for hair growth

Wheat germ oil is a strong antioxidant, it regenerates skin cells, eliminates dandruff.

Bey Essential Oil for Hair Growth

Butter oil strengthens the hair, makes it healthy, shiny and thick. Oil will prevent dandruff.

Avocado oil: nutrition and protection

Avocado oil quickly penetrates the roots of hair and restores bulbs. It is used to moisturize very dry and brittle hair.

Grape Seed Oil: Beneficial Properties

Grape seed oil has a light structure, gives the hair strength, silky smoothness, restores structure and gives shine.

Red pepper oil for growth and anti-prolapse

If the hair began to fall out, it's time to think about red pepper. Pepper oil enhances blood flow to bulbs and enhances their growth.

Sunflower Oil: Benefits for Hair

Sunflower oil has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes delicate skin, moisturizes it, strengthens and smoothes hair.

Camphor oil: how to apply correctly

Camphoric oil acts on the scalp as a warming compress: strengthens blood circulation, moisturizes and heals hair.

Cocoa butter: fragrant recipes for hair

The combination of vitamins and caffeine turns cocoa butter into a hair growth stimulant. The oil envelops the curls, gives them strength and brilliance.

Apricot oil: moisturizing and hair growth

Apricot oil is very gentle and light, nourishes, moisturizes curls, it fits even to sensitive skin. Carotene accelerates growth.

Nettle oil for hair growth: masks recipes

Nettle oil contains a whole complex of vitamins and minerals that nourish the roots of hair and help them grow much faster.

Rose Oil: recipes for hair beauty

Rose oil has a moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and regenerating effect. It delicately cares for the hair, gives shine.

Black cumin oil: therapeutic masks

Microelements contained in cumin oil, nourish and restore hair bulbs, prevent the appearance of early gray hair.

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