Horse Hair Growth Shampoo

In recent years, with the easy submission of a number of foreign media to the everyday use of many fans of fashion and style, horse shampoo has entered as a means for washing hair. It is believed that it gives the curls a splendor, silky and gorgeous luster, and also accelerates their growth . However, can a shampoo used to care for a horse's mane and tail be applied to humans? Let's look at this in more detail.

What is included in the composition of horse shampoo?

The shampoo for horses includes such ingredients as lanolin, mint, birch tar, collagen, silicone, keratins, sodium laureth sulfate and many other surfactants (surfactants). It is perfectly matched to the stiff structure of horse hair, prevents them from tangling into coils and makes it easier to comb, and also launches the thick skin of a horse superbly from a lot of sticky old dirt and sweat.

What is harmful horse shampoo for people?

At the same time, for the human, the content of the component shampoo components is not always useful.

1. So, if lanolin, mint and birch tar do not cause particular complaints from cosmetologists and even have a beneficial effect on the state of the scalp, the concentration of surfactants, keratin, collagen and silicone is many times higher than the values ​​permissible for the human skin, which can, with prolonged use this type of shampoo cause irreparable harm to your hair.

2. Collagen, silicone and keratin make the horse's mane smooth, thick and shiny, but at the same time because of them the shampoo does not foam well and settles on human hair in the form of a thin indelible film that weighs them and prevents the penetration of oxygen to the roots. As a result, weakening and subsequent hair loss occurs.

3. In addition, the pH of the skin in a horse is more acidic than that of a human, so the composition contains a large amount of alkali, which contributes to a strong drying of the scalp, which leads to a constant sensation of burning, dandruff and itching.

Who can use horse shampoo? If by nature you have a dry type of hair , then it is better not to apply shampoo for noble animals at all, and in case of oily and normal skin use in moderate amounts.

How to apply horse shampoo

If you still, no matter what, decided to apply horse shampoo for washing and hair care, then experts - trichologists recommend following the following rules:

1. To reduce the concentration of the product, always dilute it with water in a ratio of at least 1:10. Take a little diluted shampoo on the palm, foaming it well and then apply it to the hair.

2. Use shampoo not regularly, but from time to time. Ideally, after each application, take a break for at least a month, so that the hair is not used.

3. In case of sharp climate change and in summer in hot weather, do not use this shampoo, as this can cause severe irritation to the scalp.

4. Instead of domestic horse means, give preference to the western ones, in which the concentration of harmful hair for the health of the components is less.

In conclusion, it can be said that a number of conventional shampoos also include surfactant and horse keratin, only in harmless to human quantities, which give the hair smoothness, fluffiness and healthy natural brilliance , while not making them heavier. So is it worth it in the pursuit of beauty to use such exotic, as a means to care for horse mane?

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