Hot masks for hair: home recipes

If you like to indulge your hair with valuable oils, you can not lose sight of hot hair masks. These mixtures are rubbed into the roots and applied to the hair with warmth. What does it give? Thermally "processed" oil is three times stronger on the hair and scalp, which means that the efficiency of such procedures is several times higher than the simple application of oils, even the most expensive ones. Hair shine with health, dry heads and dandruff remain in the distant past ... Who does not dream about this!

You are a maximalist, and want to strengthen even such an extra-mask? When treating hair with oils, massage the head. This will give you an additional "bonus" - acceleration of hair growth.

If you make oil "hot" masks once or twice a week, you will save your hair dried up by sun or waste products, and also create effective preventive maintenance of damages. As a terrible dream, the split ends will be forgotten, as well as breaking "straws" instead of hair. In addition, hot masks will help tame disobedient ringlets - after the procedures, making styling will be many times easier.

How to choose the composition of a hot mask?

There are no exact rules. If you have thin, but fatty hair, choose light oils. If the hair seems too greasy, the healing agent can be applied only to the tips, literally soaking in oil every hair - just the hairdressers are advised to do and care for the split ends. But for hard and dry by nature (or overdried due to external factors), hair needs "heavy", thick, dense oils.

Most experts advise to pay attention to burdock or olive oil. These agents can be applied either in pure form or enriched with droplets of other oils.

How to make a hot hair mask at home?

Appropriate oil (or mixture) should be heated in a water bath until it becomes hot enough to touch the scalp. Take a little of this remedy and apply it to the roots of the hair, not forgetting to massage your head. After that, the remaining oil is distributed over the "mane" to the very tips.

The next stage is a polyethylene cap or a "turban" made of film. In this "package" the hair should be kept from 20 minutes to an hour. Time should be chosen based on the condition of the hair.

The final stage - shampoo and a lot of running water, because the oil is not easily washed off the head, and a greasy shine after such a procedure you do not need.

A good example of a hot hair mask

Take almond and olive oil in equal parts. They must be thoroughly mixed and warmed, as described above.

Hot masks with essential oils

You can use apricot, burdock, grape, sea-buckthorn, jojoba or a little from wheat embryos. It is also permissible to add essential oils, but a little - two or three drops per table spoon of vegetable oil. Choose this tool based on the problem you want to deal with.

Yes, to eliminate dandruff, you need oil of cedar or tea tree; for nutrition - citrus oil (orange, grapefruit, lemon); for "drying" of oily hair - bergamot oil; and to accelerate the growth of your head of hair will help you cinnamon, mint or eucalyptus oil.

Nourishing hot mask with yolk

Mix on a tablespoon of jojoba oil, wheat germ and cocoa butter. Lightly heat in a water bath and add the beaten yolk. Rub the mixture into the scalp, then spread it over the strands. Warm the hood.

Hot masks from hair loss

Mix 2 tablespoons of warmed castor oil (you can use any cosmetic oil) with 1-2 tablespoons of onion juice. Rub in the roots of the head and warm with a towel for 1 hour.

Hot masks with vitamins

Mix the warm cosmetic hair oil with a few drops of vitamin A and E, rub the mixture into the roots of the hair. It is better to leave the mask for several hours.

Do not forget that before you apply on the entire head of any of the mixtures you have chosen, you need to conduct a small allergic test on the skin. Even the most valuable oil will not help if you have a bad body reaction to it.

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