Hairstyle Cascade

Hairstyle cascade gained popularity among fashionistas back in the late 80's. This haircut can already be called a classic of fashion, as it has many variations in its performance and is suitable for almost all women.

Cascade on short hair

Hairstyle cascade allows you to visually adjust the shape of the face , increase the volume of hair, create a new image every day using a variety of styling methods.

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Cascade on medium hair

Cutting cascades in the people is often confused with a "ladder" haircut, since the basic structure of the hairstyle is a step-by-step transition from shorter hairs to the neck to longer ones. A cascade can be made along the entire length of the hair, or only at the very tips, to give volume.

Another big plus of this hairstyle, which is very important in the morning before work - fast and easy styling.

Who fits the hairstyle cascade

Cutting cascades is great for almost any type of hair - straight, thin or slightly curly. It gives the hair volume, lightness, airiness. Owners of thick hair, if desired, can also make themselves a cascade, the spinning of strands by a professional craftsman will help to break down a thick mass of hair, which will facilitate their laying and give airiness to the hairdress.

Cascading haircut looks fashionable on hair of any length - both short and long. It looks very nice cascade on smooth shiny or fine hair, sunlight in strands creates a lively, moving image.

Hairstyle cascade can visually fix some flaws in the face, adjust the oval. For example, with a triangular face with a narrow chin, you can create a volume in the lower part of the face. The best option for a triangular face is a hairstyle short cascade based on a square .

A narrow, long or rectangular face can be visually enlarged, making the hairstyle cascade on medium hair, starting just above the chin line, and then, when laying the hair, slightly twist the tips.

The possessor of a round face shape is best to make a hairstyle for a long hair, preferably without a bang.

Cutting cascades looks beautiful with or without a bang. The choice of a bang depends on your face shape.

Styling the hairstyle cascade

The daily styling of the hairstyle cascades is very simple - just apply the styling agent (foam or wax) on the tips of the hair, lower your head down and dry your hair with a hairdryer. The result can be fixed with varnish.

Also for styling hair can be used ironing . Smooth, straight hair nicely emphasizes the structure of the cascade.

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