Masks with keratin for hair

Keratin - this is not a fiction creators advertising shampoos. This is the substance that originally exists in our hair.

If you wash your hair only with thawed water and eggs, do not curl them, do not curl them, do not stretch them with rubber bands, do not expose them to the sun - in general, do not harm them, this keratin layer will not break down in a hair. But of course, in real life with her hair dryer, curling hair, chemical curl, hair coloring, disobedient and brittle hair, which lost the inner keratin layer, need care. Masks with keratin in the home - a good solution to strengthen, restore every hair.

Is it possible to find this miracle product on sale? Yes! Pharmacies offer keratin in the form of an oil suspension or spray. Obtain this substance from the wool of sheep, so it can be considered a completely natural protein. With the help of such a spray, you will cover each hair with a protective barrier, restoring the hair's beauty and health.

How to use hydrolyzed keratin?

- It can be used as is, in its pure form, treating them with clean hair for their healing.

- To protect the hair before laying, you can use a spray.

- In the form of a suspension, keratin is best added to hair masks, especially if it is enhanced by other beneficial ingredients such as aloe juice or essential oils.

Straighten hair with keratin

You do not need to register for the salon. In your own kitchen, you can prepare a gelatin mixture that will make your hair shiny and protected from all the twists and turns of modern life.

Keratin mask with gelatin. Gelatin can be dissolved in boiled water, sage tincture (if hair is greasy), decoction of chamomile flowers (for blondes). How much fluid should I take? Read on the packaging gelatin. After it has dissolved, a spoon of castor oil, a couple drops of jojoba, orange and ylang ylang, and also 6 or 7 droplets of hydrolyzed keratin should be added to the mask. You will have a thick mixture. On her hair, apply with a brush, and on top of her head, put on a plastic film or shower cap. Keep the mask for up to 40 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.

Keratin mask with mayonnaise

4 tablespoons of mayonnaise, egg, a quarter of a glass of yogurt any fat, 7 drops of keratin mixed. Keep on the head for up to 20 minutes, then rinse your hair. You will get elastic and shiny, very beautiful strands.

Linen mask with keratin

2 yolks, a quarter of a glass of tepid water, 20 ml of linseed oil and rum, a couple drops of keratin. Wash the head with this remedy, and then immediately wash the hair with water. All!

Mask with keratin and castor oil

On a water bath, heat 2 tablespoons of castor oil, add here a spoonful of lavender ether and burdock oil, and, of course, a little keratin. We put the mask on the hair for an hour, "warming" them from above with a shower cap. To wash off this agent it is necessary with shampoo.

Shopping cosmetics with keratin

Famous companies (Kallos, Schwarzkopf, Kapous, Loreal) are ready to offer you already prepared products for damaged and overdried hair. Bought such a tool? Wash your hair, apply this mask on wet strands. After 10 minutes, rinse.

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