Cognac for hair: nourishing masks

Cognac is a drink rich in valuable properties, which can be consumed not only inward, but also for external cosmetic procedures. Masks with brandy for hair will help each root to strengthen, and each hair - grow many times faster, while still shining and amaze everyone with its salon smoothness. This home remedy can compete quite seriously with professional cosmetics.

Of course, cognac should be natural and quality. It is such a drink that "expands" the vessels of the head, giving blood more actively to pour into the bulbs of the hair. So, the hairs will get more nutrition and "air" (after all, oxygen is transported through the blood). The result of this "therapy" can be seen very quickly.

Cognac for hair: useful properties

You should make a cognac mask if:

- you grow your hair to some event (or just so, "for the soul");

- you suffer from dandruff;

- your hair is greasy;

- you began to lose hair in whole bunches;

- you want to heal your hair, and that they look more neat and expensive.

Side Effects of Cognac Masks

It is important to know: "drunk" hair products should not be carried away. Cognac can dry your hair.

Pour this drink only into a glass with ice, and not in a mask, if:

- you have very dry hair, and tips are sown (with rare exception, which you will learn at the end of the article);

- you have tender, thin skin;

- you have a wound on the skin under the hair (for example, after too intense staining);

- you noticed an allergy to cognac.

How to make a mask with cognac

Cognac does not "work" just like that - the action of the mask needs to be activated with a polyethylene cap, as well as a turban made of a thick towel. And, of course, you should do the mask, just knowing that you do not have allergies to this drink. Drink cognac on the skin - the allergy manifests as burning, redness and other unpleasant symptoms.

Recipes of masks with cognac

Cognac and honey for hair. 100 ml of a fragrant drink, 3 tablespoons of a gift of bees and yolk to mix. Slightly warm, apply on the head. Nutrition, hair growth and just a lot of pleasant emotions you will be guaranteed.

Mask with butter and cognac. Mix 40 ml of cognac with 20 ml of oil (olive or corn), 20 ml of honey, and if desired - a drop of your favorite ether (good choice - cinnamon, rosemary, orange or cloves oil). Rub this nourishing mask into the skin, not forgetting to stretch it to the tips of the hair. Keep, as indicated above - in the "packaging" of cellophane and cotton towel.

Burdock oil with cognac. To 20 ml of our drink add 80 ml of root bacon tincture, as well as 60 ml of onion juice. Vigorously whip everything (you can blender), rub into the skin under your hair, warm your head. Hold for 60 minutes, rinse with shampoo not with hot (warm) water.

Cocktail with vitamins. Find in the pharmacy ampules of vitamin A or E, drip into any of the above masks. The tannin contained in the cognac will guarantee you an enhanced effect on your head of these vitamins.

Cognac mask for oily hair. This drink is usually snacked with bitter citrus, but it's also a good idea to combine these two products in a mask. Take a tablespoon of lemon and cognac juice, add the ground yolk, a teaspoon of honey and burdock (or almond) oil. The mask is applied to the roots (in the remains - and to the strands), the head is massaged, then it is insulated by the standard method.

Mask with cognac from hair loss. Take 1 tablespoon of cognac and 10 g of brewer's yeast (the latter should be diluted in 3 or 4 tablespoons of warm milk so as to activate the yeast). Now it remains to add yolk and 10 drops of wheat germ oil (however, you can take another oil). The mask is applied to both the hair and the skin (massage movements). Keep it under the turban for about 45 minutes.

Cognac plus aloe. Prepare castor oil, carrot juice and aloe, and cognac. Mix in the proportions 1: 1: 1: 1. Warm the mask on your hair. Hold for 30 minutes, rinse with shampoo.

Cognac plus olive oil. An excellent solution for brittle and over-dried hair. Take 2-3 tablespoons of cognac, add to the same amount of oil heated on a water bath. Do not let the mask cool, apply it to the roots, and to all the hair. Hold under the towel for up to 40 minutes. This composition is washed off with shampoo.

Mask for hair with coffee and cognac for strengthening . Preheat 150 (can be slightly more or less) of the olive oil as described above. Add 50 g of cognac and 2 tablespoons of ground coffee powder. Apply this remedy on the hair - and under the cap of them. After an hour you can wash off the mask.

Cognac with castor oil. A tablespoon of cognac, tea - castor oil, yolk. Rub in the skin under the hair, and if something remains, then curls and hair. This mask is held for two hours, so many consider it the departure of the day off.

Mask with cognac for hair growth. To the yolk, add a tablespoon of castor oil, cognac, burdock oil, and henna (colorless) - it can be found in pharmacies or beauty shops. The mask is applied to both the hair and the skin below them. Keep it costs up to 40 minutes. The mask is well washed with warm water.

Cognac with salt for hair. Cognac mask with salt has an effective cleansing property and can be used for deep peeling of the scalp. Mix cognac with table salt (or sea salt) in equal parts, stir until completely dissolved. For sensitive scalp, the composition of the mask should be softened with a spoonful of honey or olive oil. Apply on hair for 20 minutes. The mask makes the hair thick and bulky.

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